Display, Not Just for Clicks?

Broach the subject of online display banners and the conversation will eventually land on conversions. What occurs is the nerd equivalent of “bros” peacocking about their latest gym feats.

What's your cost per click, bro?
“Dude, your conversion rates are sick!”

Rarely does that conversation discuss things like brand awareness, offline sales, or organic search traffic. Perhaps it seems too “mass marketing” to discuss the effects of display in this way, but the numbers are there.

These are the numbers for those business who take advantage of the many targeted display options on the internet.

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Business that use targeted display experience:

Click on the stats to get the source.

These are not numbers to scoff at.

Yes, online display is trackable and cost-efficient, and clicks and conversion rates will always be an important part of the conversation. Consider these side effects of display the cherry on top of your marketing sundae.

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