Dealerships’ Problem with Used Equipment

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All too often heavy equipment dealerships tend to look at used equipment sales as an afterthought. But the truth is used equipment can be a great source of revenue for heavy equipment dealerships. Regardless of whether you focus on trucking, construction, or agriculture, there is a demand for used equipment.
It’s true that used equipment generates far less in terms of a single sale point of view, but that’s where many dealerships are missing the point. Used equipment isn’t just about a single sale. It’s about building a relationship with a customer. Providing them with a useful and dependable piece of equipment for a much more affordable price than a brand new machine is just the beginning.
After the sale is made, the real work begins. To truly get the most out of your used equipment sales you have to stop looking at it as a one time transaction, and instead as the beginning of an ongoing relationship you can nurture. That relationship can lead to years of loyalty and repeat business for your parts and service department.
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The Grow Your Dealership in the Digital Age Webinar Series

Of course there is much more to effectively capitalizing on your used equipment sales than this, and that’s exactly what our upcoming webinar will cover. Over the past few months our Grow Your Dealership in the Digital Age webinar series has covered how to find and hire the diesel techs you need and how to approach the marketing aspect of your dealership’s used equipment.
Our next installment will be available for viewing on Tuesday, August 27th and Thursday, August 29th. This time we deal with the actual sales side of used equipment. Join us as David Arsenault and Bryan Fanis sit down to discuss the topic – Dealerships’ Used Equipment Problem Part 2: Sales.


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