5 B2B marketing myths debunked

truth or myth

Spending your life as a shopper in the business-to-consumer, or B2C, space may color your thoughts on what business-to-business marketing is like, but it shouldn’t. Here are five B2B marketing myths that could be holding you back. Myth 1. B2B is nothing like B2C Truth: Seventy-one percent of B2B purchases are made by a formal […]

4 cornerstones of brand loyalty


Brand loyalty is a necessity if you want sustainable business growth. Customer retention improves revenue, and loyal customers can become brand advocates, who are passionate about your brand and provide positive word-of-mouth marketing. Building brand loyalty is not easy, but it is worthwhile. The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60%-70%. The probability […]

Stop Wasting Offline Data – VIDEO

Stop Wasting Offline Data

Whether you know it or not, you have an abundance of data about your customers. It can be a major cog in your marketing machine if you take advantage of it. I’m talking about all the bits and pieces of information you have collected referred to as offline data. So, why aren’t you using it? […]

How to Create Stand-Out Ad Creative (Part 2) – VIDEO

How to Create Stand-Out Ad Creative (Part 2)

In our previous video, How to Create Stand-Out Ad Creative (Part 1) we focused on how to set your marketing apart from your competitors’ by using your ad creative. But as you know, the process of reaching prospects does not stop with setting up great visuals and creating compelling and relevant content for your ads. […]

How to Create Stand-Out Ad Creative (Part 1) – VIDEO


In today’s marketplace you are competing not only with other companies like yours, but with companies in other industries whose ads just happen to be on the same webpage as yours. To catch a potential customer’s attention you have to stand out. How exactly can you do that in such a jam packed and competitive […]

3 Ways to Use UCC Data to Find Prospects – VIDEO

3 Ways to UCC Data to Find Prospects

UCC Data is the backbone of our EDA database. But what is UCC data and more importantly, what does that mean for your sales and marketing? We’ve compiled UCC data from all 50 states, verify it for accuracy through several sources, and using experience gathered over several decades, amend the data to add useful information […]

How Seasonality Affects Your Equipment Sales – VIDEO

How Seasonality Affects Your Equipment Sales

There’s more to selling equipment than finding the right buyers. You can get your ads in front of the people most likely to buy from you, but if you catch them at the wrong time, you might as well be advertising to the wrong people. Timing is crucial in your business and knowing when prospects […]

How to be More Data-Driven in Your Marketing – VIDEO

How to Be More Data-Driven in Your Marketing

The goal for every equipment manufacturer is to get their product out there and into the hands of their customers. To do that, companies engage in all kinds of different marketing tactics to attract buyers. But what’s the most effective way to reach people? Is there a tool to get the most out your efforts […]

The Importance of Being Mobile-First – VIDEO

Mobile-First Indexing

Why is making sure you are mobile friendly so important today? Ever since mobile Google searches began to overtake desktop searches we all knew that Google would eventually change how they approached ranking or indexing their search results. And that’s exactly what they did. When there are two versions of a website (mobile and desktop) […]

Digital Marketing Hypertargeting – VIDEO

Digital Marketing Hypertargeting

The more specific and targeted you are, the greater your chances of converting a prospect to a customer. Knowing the likes and dislikes of potential customers can help identify the most likely buyers to what you have to offer. Here’s how hypertargeting marketing can take your digital marketing to the next level. [box] Want a […]