5 B2B marketing myths debunked

Spending your life as a shopper in the business-to-consumer, or B2C, space may color your thoughts on what business-to-business marketing is like, but it shouldn’t. Here are five B2B marketing myths that could be holding you back.

Myth 1. B2B is nothing like B2C

Truth: Seventy-one percent of B2B purchases are made by a formal committee, making B2B sales more complex than a typical B2C sale, but that doesn’t mean that B2C marketing tactics don’t cross over into the B2B space.
In fact, 81% of B2B buyers expect the same multichannel communication options as B2C buyers, so use tactics such as email marketing, digital ads and engaging social media pages to stay in touch with and influence B2B customers.

Myth 2. There is no need for continual marketing once a purchase has been made 

Truth: B2B customers often see a transaction as the beginning of a potential long-term partnership rather than a one-time interaction. The goal of marketing is not solely to convert customers, but to create brand advocates who will drive additional business to you from friends and colleagues. After the sale, shift to lifecycle marketing in order to retain your customers and turn them into promoters. 
Watch this Fusable Marketing Minute video to understand more about lifecycle marketing.

Myth 3. Branding is not important

Truth: Positive branding, which represents the value and differentiation of your brand, is important for B2B because buyers need consistency in order to build trust, deepen relationships and promote brand loyalty. B2B customers also spend one to six months researching purchases, and your brand needs to stand out early in the buyer’s journey. 

Myth 4. B2B is not creative

Truth: Don’t let a technical message languish in dry, jargony text. Tap into the power of creative storytelling to make the messaging, content, visuals and interactive experiences all come together for an approachable, engaging marketing asset that is in line with your brand image. A creative approach to your marketing message will result in content that stands out and, more importantly, inspires action.

Myth 5. B2B is not emotionally driven

Truth: Despite the implication of “business-to-business marketing,” you’re not really marketing to a business. You’re marketing to a person who represents a business. They will respond better to your marketing when you connect with them and place their pain points and business goals at the center of your campaign. Embrace storytelling and customer testimonials to relate to customers on a deeper level. 


B2B can sometimes seem like a different world, especially when you compare it to your own experiences as a customer. However, it’s not as different as you think, and buying into any of these marketing myths can hold you back.
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