Can Marketing Automation Help You Recruit More Drivers?

What is marketing automation?

A marketing automation platform (MAP) is a tool that simplifies and organizes the way your company generates and nurtures leads. Some MAPs don’t do a whole lot more than help you send out emails while others are more full-featured  and will help you generate content, post to social media, and even tag visitors to your website with tracking cookies. One of the most important things a MAP does is track the analytics you need to improve your marketing in the future.
Without those numbers you can’t know how efficient your efforts to find qualified applicants are.

Are recruiters marketers?

You may be thinking “A marketing automation platform is designed for marketers . . . and I’m a recruiter.” Most recruiters don’t think of themselves as marketers, but of course they are. A recruiter is trying to find qualified applicants for open positions, and a marketer is trying to find customers that need their product or service. The terms might be different, but the tools and processes are the same.
If your company isn’t finding enough qualified drivers, you probably aren’t nurturing the leads you are getting, and marketing automation can help with that.
Knowing that your company’s Facebook page has 1000 followers is helpful. Knowing that your Facebook page generates 5 qualified applicants a week is much more helpful. Having a large number of subscribers to your newsletter is great, but doing an A/B test to figure out what kinds of subject lines get the highest open rates can help you make the most of the time and effort you invest in that email each week.

Use marketing automation to find problems.

Marketing automation can also help you figure out where the break-down is in your recruiting lifecycle. If you are generating a lot of leads, but when you look at those contacts you realize they aren’t qualified drivers, your recruiting advertising isn’t targeted enough. Or maybe your problem is that you aren’t generating enough applications.
In that case you need to figure out how to drive more traffic to your landing pages.
Having one tool that tracks all of your web analytics, manages your contacts and helps you create and publish high quality content may be a good investment for your company. Of course like any money your company spends you should figure out what the value of filling more driving positions faster is. Just because a tool is new and shiny doesn’t mean you shouldn’t calculate an ROI for the money you would spend.

Recruiting truck drivers is difficult and competitive, but without qualified drivers your company can’t growl. Make sure you have the tools you need to find the drivers your company is looking for.


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