CamoAg and Fusable Announce New Partnership for Nationwide Equipment UCC Data Integration 

Tuscaloosa, July 9, 2024 – CamoAg, a leading provider of agricultural data solutions, and Fusable, formerly Randall Reilly, announce a new partnership for nationwide data equipment UCC data integration. This collaboration integrates Fusable’s comprehensive nationwide equipment UCC data into the CamoAg platform, providing actionable insights for agribusinesses and ag lenders. 

Corbett Kull, CEO at CamoAg, explained, “Fusable is a leading data company with a stronghold in the equipment arena. Through this partnership, we can offer our users detailed equipment UCC data, including equipment identification and buyer size, regardless of its agricultural association. This data is now available nationwide via our CamoAg Pro platform and can be accessed through a specific data subscription with Fusable.”  

Integrating Fusable’s equipment UCC data with CamoAg’s platform offerings provides users in the agricultural sector with a more holistic view of the market. By understanding a company’s equipment financing activity, users can better tailor their sales and marketing approach and target prospects with relevant products and services. This is also valuable insight into a business’s financial risk profile, aiding lenders in their risk assessments.  

Corbett Kull added, “While our agricultural lending customer’s primary interest lies in broader data sets, integrating equipment UCC data is a significant step forward. We anticipate expanding our data offerings in collaboration with Fusable.” 

Fusable’s SVP of Asset Intelligence, Tina Hannagan, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership stating, “This collaboration with CamoAg exemplifies the future of data integration. At Fusable, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. By combining our unparalleled equipment data with CamoAg’s platform, we are not just adding value, we are setting a new standard. We see this as a significant leap forward, offering our clients deeper insights and greater efficiency. The potential for future growth and innovation is immense, and we are excited to lead the way.” 

For more information about the partnership and how to access Fusable’s data through CamoAg Pro, please visit Camo Ag’s website or contact our support team. 

About CamoAg 
CamoAg is a leading provider of agricultural data and insights dedicated to delivering comprehensive intelligence that empowers agribusinesses to grow their businesses. Our platform integrates diverse data sources, offering ag-specific data and a geo-spatial plat map to streamline operations, optimize marketing and sales strategies, and enhance customer engagement.