Big Data or Smart Data: EDA Steps Up Their Game

No doubt the world of marketing is increasingly becoming a data-driven one. Sadly, not all data is created equal. There are so many sources and different types of data, making sense of it all becomes an arduous task.

When diving into the world of data, there is one glaring caveat that must be addressed: money. Money is at the helm of the data ship.

Data must answer one of these two questions:

  1. Does this data help me sell more?

  2. Does this data prove my efforts made money?

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For now let’s focus on the first question. (We’ll cover the second question in a separate article.) Too often companies get involved with list rental data farms. Impressed by big numbers, they buy a massive data list.

What happens after that?

Most often what happens is the list is never quite used by the sales team. And why? These lists may not be organized or updated. They may not include the needed contact info. Or maybe it is only contact data without any insight into the buying cycles of companies. Without this information how is a sales person to spend time with key prospects?

The answer to the first data question becomes “No.” The data purchase did not pan out. The sales team is not empowered and sales were not made as a result of this purchase.

Now check out what EDA has come out with.

Prospect Profiles

EDA uses UCC-1 filings, along with other sources of data to put together the most complete and updated database of construction equipment purchases.

The prospect profiles take it up a notch. The new prospect view includes an overview of exactly what your sales team needs to target the right prospects.

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Prospect Profile Includes:

  • Financial Overview

  • Equipment Purchases

  • Key Contacts

  • Map/Directions


Financial Overview:

The list and chart views make it easy to see brand preference, lender relationships, and buying patterns.

Equipment Purchases:

Toggle between two lists of this buyer’s financing history. See only equipment you’re interested in (your “Search” or “Watch” parameters), or view all their equipment that’s in your database.

Key Contacts:

See key contacts with their title and date of most recent activity.


Locate and get directions to your prospect’s place of business.

With this information organized and at your disposal, your sales team will maximize their time with the right people. The answer to the first data question becomes yes.

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