Better Targeting & Sales Performance on Facebook

The end goal of any e-commerce website is to make sales, right? Well, is your business doing everything it can to make that happen? You may be attracting a lot of visitors to your website, but are those people likely to buy? If so, are you making it easy for them to find exactly what they are looking for? Well, look at it from a consumer’s perspective.
With up to 76% of U.S. consumers shopping online, you’ve probably done a lot of online shopping yourself. So think of the process of buying something on Amazon or eBay. After visiting these sites or making a purchase, their ads begin to pop up on other websites you visit. But these are not just random ads. They are ads offering you products related to what you showed interest in or purchased. Remember the convenience of being able to click on the ad and going straight to that product’s webpage? What if you could provide that same ease for your B2B customers and increase their chances of buying from you?
For an owner-operator or equipment owner searching online for the specific aftermarket parts for his/her specific model, what if you could minimize their search time by offering the specific parts they need in your ads? What if you could get in front of farmers during their search for new seats or belting for their equipment? When selling parts, services, subscriptions, niche products (e.g. ladders, air fresheners, etc.) or anything online, it is important to be able to get the right prospect’s attention, while making the buying process as easy as possible.
To help you do that, we coupled our expertise and resources with Facebook’s online shopping capabilities.
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Facebook’s Role


Dynamic Ads

You can use Facebook’s dynamic ads to give users easy access to your inventory. These ads look like regular Facebook ads (e.g. single ads, carousel ads, etc.). They display specific products based on a user’s interests, interactions with your website, or general online behavior. The difference between a dynamic ad and other Facebook ads is that clicking on a dynamic ad will take a user to the webpage of the exact product they saw in the ad. This significantly reduces the time a user would spend searching through your inventory.
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Randall-Reilly’s Role



As you probably already know, Facebook puts you in front of 2.4 billion monthly active users. But you are not trying to connect with every single one of those users. Just the ones looking for what you offer. So, how do you find those specific prospects? Using our equipment and trucking databases, EDA and RDBI, we provide an audience for you to target with your ads on Facebook, based on what they own.
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The great thing about tracking dynamic ads is that we can follow along with a buyer’s entire purchasing journey: Starting from that first click to their activity on the product page to what they add to their cart, all the way to the purchase.

Prove ROI

You get a clear picture of what purchases are being made as a result of clicks on your ad.

Optimize Your Campaign

We gain insight into what’s working and what’s not, allowing us to adjust your campaign accordingly.


Knowing when items have been added to a cart but not checked out allows us to retarget those specific buyers to increase their chances of purchasing.
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How it All Ties Together


Dynamic Ads + The Right Audience + Tracking = More Online Purchases

We’ve found that by combining the 3 factors above, you can increase the effectiveness of your e-commerce website.
The end goal of any e-commerce website is to make sales. You want to give website visitors the opportunity to easily find precisely what they are looking for on your website as quickly as possible, and buy it right away. Facebook shopping increases the chances of that happening. But combining the right platform and ad type with the right customers, can significantly increase your e-commerce sales.
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