Arming Your Sales Reps with Mobile Dynamite

Almost everything marketers do, from branding to direct sales support, is an investment in revenue generating initiatives. It’s one of the reasons why we talk about ROI so frequently and why your boss is probably demanding you establish it.
While many will often deny it, sales and marketing go hand in hand. Most B2B marketing departments are often tasked with empowering sales teams by creating sales collateral and lead generation.
With that in mind, it’s important that we contribute a small amount of time to the sales support side of marketing. More specifically, about how you need to be arming your sales reps with what they need to make them more effective.
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The Problem

Your sales reps are probably a very mobile group of people. While they may have offices, they are more likely out in the field talking with customers, visiting prospects, and possibly visiting businesses they believe they can sell to.

Sitting in an office for 8 hours a day isn’t going to help you close the sales you need.

It’s also necessary to be using your sales support platforms, like EDA Online, to prospect and establish buying cycles. They may even have a monthly or weekly process of finding new prospects and upselling based on information they gather from these platforms. But your sales team is probably doing this when they are in the office.

The question becomes, how can you empower your sales team with the ability to prospect potential and current customers while in the field?

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The Solution

You need to provide your sales reps with the right arsenal to keep them effective while on the road. Many platforms will provide you with mobile apps that can make your sales team more effective when they aren’t in the office.

Here are a few things you need to look for when choosing a mobile app that can benefit your company.

  • The ability to review past equipment purchases.
  • The option to review prospect results with maps and physical address.
  • It features an easy search function.
  • Access to company details and equipment preferences.
  • A notes function to help you keep track of useful information.

It’s not always easy for your sales reps to find prospects while on the road. Having the right mobile app for your sales team can be instrumental in your continued success.
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