Are you using complete media to target the trucking industry?

There is no doubt using brands that your audience trusts to promote your brand is effective. But how do you choose the right brand to use? If you have the marketing budget to waste, you could just use all of them. Considering that most of us do not, it is important that we choose brands that will maximize our exposure.
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The Old Way

Most agencies are no stranger to comparing media brands. The old publishing world way is the apples to apples comparison of circulation audits. Look at the numbers, compare, and make your decision. This makes perfect sense in a world dominated by only print publications. Is this the only factor you should still be looking at?
Print is still a major player in a marketer’s arsenal. But in a multi-platform world a brand that consists of just a magazine is hardly relevant. Looking specifically at the trucking industry, research shows a steady upward trend in the use of internet for consuming content, job search, product research, and so on.
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The New Way

If a brand doesn’t present you the opportunity to connect through many channels, it isn’t delivering much of a marketing punch. Instead of only checking circulation numbers (you should still check them), you need to ask to see things like website traffic, social fans, and newsletter subscribers. Make sure you are using a brand that gives you complete media exposure.
We have mentioned one reason this is crucial. The way in which people in trucking are consuming content is changing and going more digital. A multi-channel brand ensures you are reaching your audience no matter how they prefer to consume content.

What are the benefits?

These are not the only benefits of using complete media. Online advertising has a direct effect on online search (we will cover this more in depth in a future blog). Online search affects sales in a big way. If you aren’t being found in search engines, then your marketing isn’t operating at full force.
There are even more benefits to consider. Complete media should secure leads, give you the chance for advertorial content, provide more consistent sources of exposure, and drive website traffic. If the brand you are using is just providing you an ad in a magazine, you might want to try a new one.
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