Are you going to ConExpo-Con/Agg?

To say ConExpo-Con/Agg is a big show is an understatement. In 2011 (the show is held once every 3 years) the show was ranked as the largest tradeshow in the United States, beating out perennial powerhouse Comic Con.

On March 4 – 8 the show will be held in Las Vegas. There will be 130,000+ registered attendees and 2,400 exhibitors representing more than 150 countries. The exhibit space covers 2.34 million+ square feet. The expanse of this show is colossal.

Check out this preview:

Are you going?

There is no doubt this show represents a marketing goldmine full of potential customers. The challenge is managing the scale of show like ConExpo-Con/Agg. There is  potential to get lost in the hustle and bustle of such a large show. Unless you are a large company you won’t be able to compete with all the new shiny exhibits. To make an impact you will need to be very strategic with your pre and onsite marketing.

What should you do before the show?

First you need to connect to your customers and let them know you are going to be there. Not only should you communicate your presence there but let them know exactly where on the show floor you will be. With 2.34 million square feet of show space, finding your booth won’t be easy.

You also need a reason for them to come and see you. Just saying “Come see us” is not at all compelling. Along with the usual swag giveaway there needs to be some sort of value provided by you that can’t be found at any other booth.

There are many digital and traditional options to create this “show awareness” with prospects. Whatever methods you use, you need to keep it very targeted. Mass marketing techniques are not going to work.

What can you do during the show?

Put a digital blanket over the entire show area. By geo-targeting the radius around the show as well as IP targeting all the participating hotels you can reach every show attendee that gets online. Think about it. You have more than 130,000 prospects gathered in a tiny area. It is time to get out the old mass marketing cannon and napalm the area around the show. Don’t let anyone get online without seeing your message.

Beef up your booth. Don’t just set up a table with two chairs behind it. Make your area as inviting as possible. Put out tablets for people to sign in, watch videos, scan badges, redeem prizes, and look at products.

What can you do after the show?

Hopefully you have a method for tracking all the foot traffic coming to your booth. If you have done that properly you should have a list of contacts. Follow up with them through email marketing and direct mail. Don’t let the relationship die once the show is over. Continue bringing value to your new relationships.

Do you need help planning your ConExpo – Con/Agg marketing campaign? Download the marketing package below. Hurry, the show is getting close!

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