Account-Based Targeting on LinkedIn

We talk quite a bit about Facebook on here. Rightfully so, because whether you’re in trucking, construction, or recruiting, that’s still the most bountiful social kingdom in which to find and target prospects. But we’ve noticed an uptick in the popularity of LinkedIn in recent years through our brand-specific Reader Profiles and Connectivity Studies. We’ve seen more owner-operators, company drivers, fleet execs, and construction pros report using the service.
LinkedIn is still dwarfed by Facebook in terms of users (about 1.7 billion to 467 million at last count), and up until recently, in terms of targeting/advertising options as well. That’s beginning to change. In March LinkedIn rolled out their version of Account Targeting, which allows you to display Sponsored Content or Sponsored InMail to a specific list of accounts.
So essentially, if you go to LinkedIn with a list of companies you’d like to reach with your messaging, they can sift through their 8 million+ Company Pages to find matches for you. And you’re off to the marketing races.
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Quality Over Quantity

Despite having a smaller pool of active users, a big part of LinkedIn’s appeal has always been its white collar, professional cache. It’s definitely more of a quality-over-quantity sort of environment.
A smaller pool of more qualified prospects offers advantages, however. The ad-targeting and filtering options they offer make it easy to really hone in on a very specific subset of prospects you want to reach. Take a look at how you can drill down and layer your targeting.

That’s a lot of ways to peel the ol’ onion.
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Lead Gen Gold?

LinkedIn will probably never be able to match Facebook or YouTube in terms of users, or engagement. But it’s a potential lead gen goldmine nonetheless. You just have to know exactly who you’re looking for. (And be willing to pony up for results.)
If you’re interested in dipping your toe into the LinkedIn water, but not sure where to start, give us a holler today. We have a team of experts who can give you a rundown on the finer points of social media advertising, and help you determine what channels are right for you.
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