ABM Announces GATS and GWTS in Top 50 Events

Like most industries, construction and trucking are the result of a spider web of connections and networks all working to build, transport, and accomplish tasks that keep us average joe’s fed, sheltered, and informed. Our events seek to bring these threads and networks together under one roof for education, entertainment, and networking.
Two events that accomplish this task are the Great American Truck Show (GATS) and the Great West Truck Show (GWTS).  We are proud to announce that the Association of Business Information and Media Companies has named us among the top 50 fastest growing trade shows for both GATS and GWTS.
“We put an abundance of time, money, and energy into our events, and we are honored that ABM has recognized us for that,”  said Alan Sims, our executive director of events. Both shows were recognized for net square footage growth.  “We know the importance of these events, and we want to improve and grow them every year,” continued Sims.
We are very proud of our events here at Fusable and want to continue to grow. We also would like to thank all our sponsors, exhibitors, and attendees for the continued support through the years. Without you guys this award would not be possible.