7 key pillars of a digital marketing strategy

Most businesses have a digital marketing strategy that targets members of their online audience. However, if the results of your strategy have stalled, adding to or refining your tactics could accelerate your business growth. Here are seven key pillars of a digital marketing strategy.
"Marketers need to build relationships and reputation before closing a sale" - Chris Brogan

1. Email marketing

Ninety-one percent of Americans check their email at least once a day, and it’s a great avenue to deliver deals and information directly to your customers. E-newsletters, special offers, downloadable content and webinar invitations provide value long after a purchase has been made and help increase customer retention and loyalty.

2. Website

Your own website can generate leads and increase sales, but if website traffic is low or your visitors are not returning, your business growth could lag. Use SEO tactics, social media posts and media partnerships to increase organic traffic to your website. Once visitors are there, make sure they return by leveraging a solid user experience (UX) design, automated emails based on their interactions on your website and engaging content like a blog or videos.

3. Analytics

With digital marketing, there are several ways you can track the success of your marketing tactics. Measuring your metrics with services such as Google Analytics can help you rate the effectiveness of your tactics and adjust your strategies for greater results. The metrics should be based on your specific marketing goals. For example, track monthly website visitors to assess whether you are improving traffic, or analyze the engagement level for each social media post to make sure you are connecting with your audience. 

4. Mobile marketing

Eighty percent of people use mobile for work, so it’s important that your ads, website and content are all optimized for mobile. If some members of your audience are not actually viewing your ads or content, it could result in missed opportunities and push customers away from you and to your competitor.

5. Social media

Social media platforms connect you with your audience, and B2B companies who engage with customers on social media can see a 50% increase in revenue. Inspire interactions by sharing customer testimonials, product deals and educational information. Ask questions or use polls and reply to comments to spark conversations between you and your audience, as well.

6. Digital ads

Digital ads bring your brand to your customers, no matter where they are. Some possibilities are display ads on websites to advertise your equipment or services, promoted posts on social media to increase brand awareness or YouTube videos to feature your maintenance services. Use customer data to personalize ads, such as with retargeting tactics that serve ads based on previous browsing interactions on your website. 
Digital ads can even be placed on search result pages based on the keywords used in the search. Contextual targeting can also be used, which aligns your ad with relevant content, to improve ad memorability and purchase intent.  

7. SEO

Search engine optimization brings more traffic to your website by helping it rank higher among search engine results, therefore attracting more attention from users. Best practices for SEO change over time, so make sure you update your strategy as needed. For 2021, Google will be putting more emphasis on long-tail keywords, user search intent and even your website’s UX design when ranking search results, so make sure to incorporate these into your strategy.


If your digital marketing strategy is not bringing in as many customers as you thought it would, it could be incomplete. If any of these tactics are missing or not fully realized, you may not be reaching as many potential customers as you can.
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