5 ways to sway customers from your competitors

If you’re searching for new prospects to target, look no further than your competitor’s own audience.
Swayable customers purchase from a variety of different brands, meaning you have an opportunity to convert them to yours. Swayable customers are valuable because, in addition to increasing sales and market share, they give insight into how you can leverage your value proposition to sway other competitive users. 

How to sway customers

1. Start with the analysis

To determine swayability, look at your competitors’ social media pages and their followers. Do they follow and engage with more than one brand? If so, they’re likely swayable customers and can be influenced into buying from you, as well.
You can even connect with those prospects on social media and engage with them directly, sending surveys asking questions about the products they use and the things they’re not getting from your competitors.
While definitely worthwhile, this can be a lengthy process, but some proprietary data services like RigDig make it easier by offering features that measure brand loyalty and swayable share of market so you can find these customers more easily, and both RigDig and EDA provide essential insights to aid your competitive analysis.

2. Bring out your influencers

While advertising is critical, prospective customers will always trust their peers and industry experts over a company advertisement. Find the fans that you already have and leverage their authentic passion for your brand.
Even if they’re not interacting with your brand, you can expose them to influencer content, involve them in events, new product launches and more to nurture your relationship with them and increase the chances that they recommend you to others.
Here’s a short video that goes into more detail and finding and using B2B influencers.


3. Up your digital game

Leverage social media to build personal connections with potential swayable customers. By engaging them with posts on highly relevant content and interesting conversations on key topics of interest, you’ll nurture relationships and make them more likely to switch brands. An active social media presence is also a great way to let your current customers share stories and interact with prospects, adding trustworthiness to your brand.
Creating digital content is also essential for engaging prospects. In fact, buyers view an average of eight pieces of content from a vendor before making a purchase. Content marketing drives attention and demand for your products from swayable prospects.

4. Sweeten the deal

Encourage conversions with special, limited-time offers. Promoting an extended warranty or better financing options could be the push they need to try your company and adds even more value to their purchase.

5. Don’t leave your sales team hanging

While your marketing strategy may be what reels them in, your sales team will be the ones to actually close the deal. Arm them with the best knowledge. Provide information about the background of a prospect, why they’re likely to sway and the valuable features of your product that you want to emphasize in order to make the sale. 


Most of your customers will likely have purchased from your competitors. Swayable customers purchase from many different brands, and you can capture them by emphasizing the value propositions that outclass your competitors, leveraging peer and influencer opinions and adding in something special with their first purchase to make sure they convert.
Finally, once you’ve got them, work on turning them into loyal customers of your own.

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