5 visual marketing tactics that aren’t video

Visual and interactive forms of marketing easily appeal to customers. Visuals break down complex topics for greater customer engagement, and interactive tools can help customers discover one of your products to purchase. And while video marketing is popular, it’s not the only game in town.  
Here are some extra ideas to incorporate visual or interactive elements that will engage your customers. 

5 Visual and Interactive Ways to Market to Customers

1. Infographics

Tell stories, provide statistics or promote research with infographics. A visually appealing design can create engaging and easy to understand content. Because infographics are 30 times more likely to be read than text articles, your important information is more likely to get attention.
Here’s a portion of a geotargeting infographic. You can view it in full here.
3 reasons to geotarget

2. Photo collages

Photo collages are an effective way to tell a story about your brand, mission statement or company’s history. They can also highlight a facet of your products that your customers may value. Photos can be used alone or with text, feature graphs and charts or even be illustrations to promote your brand or share research flipbook-style.
Mack Trucks facebook post
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3. Question-and-answer sessions

Much like Reddit’s trademarked Ask Me Anything, or AMA, sessions, this gives you the chance to engage with your audience live, either through social media or a gated webinar. Hosting a live “Ask Me” session encourages prospects and customers to ask questions because they will receive a timely response and have the opportunity to ask a follow-up question. This also bolsters your thought leader reputation by letting company leaders or sales representatives actively demonstrate their expertise.
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4. Interactive calculators

Prospects researching your products will want as much useful information as possible. Calculators that offer insight into ROI, affordability and monthly payments, total operating costs per hour or maintenance estimates provide your value up front and make it easier for buyers to make a decision.
cat affordability calculator
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5. Quizzes

Implement quizzes that are both fun and help your customer find important information or achieve a goal. Quizzes can offer insight about your products, or you can leverage your own marketing information to provide an assessment of the user’s marketing prowess. Because the results can tie into your offerings, there is a logical next step for the user to take, and gating the results or a more in-depth assessment generates leads.

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Videos are not the only way to create engaging visual and interactive content. Bolster your marketing strategy with infographics that are 30 times more likely to be read, quizzes that provide actionable results and insights to your audience or calculator tools that assist in your prospects’ research.
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