5 tips for B2B marketing on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is inherently different from other social media pages. With content almost solely focused on business, it’s designed to connect businesses and decision makers, making it an excellent platform for B2B marketing. In fact, ad exposure on LinkedIn can increase purchase intent by 33%.
These five tips will take your LinkedIn marketing to the next level.

How to do B2B marketing on LinkedIn

1. Optimize your page

Your website is optimized for search, so you need to make sure your LinkedIn page is search-friendly as well. When creating your page and filling out your description, use keywords that your audience members that relate to the content you’re posting and your audience’s interests, such as “used equipment” or “agriculture equipment.”
Be sure to promote your page as well. Linking your page on your website and in your emails creates more opportunities for your customers to connect with you on social media. 

2. Create multiple showcase pages

If you serve multiple different markets or offer several different product lines or even brands within your overall company, creating a Showcase Page for each one gives you the opportunity to further segment your audience to create more highly relevant posts and ads.
For example, you can create a page for your new equipment and your used equipment, or create pages for the agriculture, construction and landscaping industries if you serve all three.

3. Nail your posts

There’s a lot that goes into a successful social media post, especially since best practices differ on each platform. While you’ll want to test out what exactly works best for your audience, here are some guidelines you can follow to get you started:

  • Video content gets five times more engagement than non-video content, and you should keep B2B videos between 30 seconds and two minutes for the best results.
  • Post a variety of content—from external articles to text posts, to photos and more—but make sure your schedule is consistent.
  • In general, the best time to post content to LinkedIn is from 9 a.m. to noon, Tuesday through Thursday, right in the middle of the workday and the work week.
  • Use three to five hashtags to categorize your posts and make them more searchable. Use a mix of popular and niche hashtags, and remember to investigate the way it’s used on the platform to make sure you’re not accidentally reaching the wrong audience.

4. Engage your audience

The whole point of social media is to make connections with your audience and being active and responsive will go a long way. Start conversations on your page and respond to comments on your posts. You can also invite others to join your page directly on the platform to grow your audience.
If you want to create more momentum, you or other employees should join separate, industry-specific groups and share content or engage in conversations with others to boost your brand’s image as individuals.
You can also see who views your page, making it easy to pinpoint prospects that have already shown interest in your brand.

5. Harness the capabilities of LinkedIn

Boost posts that are highly valuable, already successful or time-sensitive on the platform to bring even more audience members to your page without any additional effort.
To run a full-blown marketing campaign on LinkedIn, set up a Campaign Manager account and target your audience from the criteria available. You can choose essential attributes like company size, company name, job title and more.
Your ads can appear as sponsored content, message ads, dynamic ads, text ads or a custom combination of the four.


B2B marketing on LinkedIn will take your business strategy to the next level. With an audience filled with business professionals and decision makers, you need to make sure your page is optimized for the best performance, your posting strategy is top notch and that you take full advantage of LinkedIn’s in-house marketing capabilities.

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