5 Reasons Your Social Media Isn’t Driving Website Traffic

Engagement (yawn). Likes, favorites, shares, fans, (yawn, yawn, yawn). If your social media efforts aren’t driving any traffic to your website, you aren’t doing your job . . .

Perhaps that was a bit dramatic, and likes and +1’s are valuable metrics. Never forget, the primary purpose of social media marketing is to drive more traffic to your website. If engagement doesn’t equal traffic, which should ultimately turn into conversions, then it is time to rethink your social media strategy. Here are 5 reasons your social media efforts may not be leading to more website traffic.

1. You’re not linking to your website.

This seems fairly obvious, and there really isn’t much to say about it. For the love of conversions, make sure all of your social media accounts link to your website.

2. You’re using the wrong platform.

Your prospects probably present a fairly consistent demographic. This includes social media preferences. My favorite is Google+, but that is just a personal preference that may not be shared by your audience. You need to figure out what that preference is. Trial and error may be the deciding factor, but there is plenty of demographic research on social networks to get started.

3. You’re boring.

If you’re not excited about your social posts, then it is likely no one else will be. How do you make content more exciting? Try some of these methods to spice up your social content.

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Boring Content Killers

  • Humor:

    Don’t overdo it, but a little comedic flair can get people’s attention.

  • Pictures:

    Images catch people’s eyes and force their attention a second longer.

  • Punctuation:

    A little exclamation point here and there can go a long way.

  • Word Choice:

    Use strong verbs and nouns to add excitement to your content.

  • Ask Questions:

    It is not all about you. Ask your audience to have a conversation with you.


4. You’re redundant.

Mix it up. Don’t just link to articles on your favorite website with the caption “Here’s an interesting article.” People enjoy variety. Use questions, contests, memes, and anything else you have at your disposal.

5. You’re not creating owned content.

If you want be known for bringing your audience value, you need to produce your own content. Thought leaders don’t just link to other content. No one is going to visit your website on a consistent basis if you aren’t providing value. It is not difficult at all. You know what you are good at. Demonstrate how your expertise can benefit your customers and then hire a designer to make those thoughts pretty. Voila, you have owned content.