5 Marketing Ideas You Haven’t Tried

I tend to get into a rhythm with marketing campaigns. Upload my list into Facebook, send out an email campaign, download this whitepaper, and allow for inbound conversions. Sometimes in this rhythm we forget to try new things or miss obvious opportunities. So here’s a blog to break you out of it. Presenting 5 marketing ideas you haven’t tried.
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1. Collecting business cards at trade shows for . . . Facebook

Say what? Nothing brings an industry together like a trade show. This makes it a goldmine for leads and prospects. But you don’t have time to talk to all of them.
I have good news!
All you need is an email or cell phone number to connect with a prospect on Facebook. And business cards usually have both. People are generally very willing to part with business cards at trade shows. Why not collect as many relevant ones as possible, use a scanner to get them all into an excel sheet and voila! Now you have a targeted list for Facebook advertising. It’s so old school and cutting edge at the same time.
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2. Targeting companies’ Facebook pages for account-based marketing

One day as I was checking out our corporate Facebook page I noticed that a large majority of our likes were from Randall-Reilly employees. I was immediately struck with an idea. If I were trying to run an account-based marketing campaign, I could target the company’s Facebook page in custom audiences and reach a ton of people at that company.
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3. Target exhibitors through LinkedIn’s account-based marketing feature

Sometimes at these wonderful trade shows, I need to target the exhibitor more so than the attendee. This can be an arduous task, especially once the show is in full swing. Your prospects are generally stuck at their booths and meeting with their prospects.
LinkedIn has a new ABM feature that allows you to upload a list of company names for targeting. Most shows provide a list of exhibitors on their website. Why not grab that handy list and utilize LinkedIn to reach out before and after the show?
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4. Repurpose content as much as possible

Everyone wants more content. But you probably have wayyy more content than you realize.
Take a look at what you’ve done in the past. Webinars can be turned into white papers and infographics. White papers can be turned into slideshows and webinars. You can turn sell sheets into blogs and blogs into videos. Take inventory of your content and recycle!
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5. Co-host webinars to share the prospect wealth

You may not be the only person trying to reach that fleet or contractor. And I’m not talking about competitors. You are probably one of many people who offer value to the prospects you are after. Why don’t you team up with those trying to reach the same prospects? You could do a co-hosted webinar that presents several different solutions from several different vendors. Then you can all share in the prospect wealth.
All this to say, don’t get stuck in the rhythm of doing the same ol’ thing over and over again. Look for new ideas and give them a whirl. You’re welcome to use any of these.
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