4 Ways to Get More Traffic at Your Dealership

For the average equipment dealer, it is imperative to get foot traffic at their dealership. People generally don’t buy large pieces of equipment without driving them first.

Here are four ways to get more traffic at your dealership.

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1. Offer Value


First you need to separate yourself from the competition. You need to answer the question: Why should you come to my dealership? Get creative with some promotions. Offer a free oil change but require  they test drive a piece of equipment to receive the oil change. Giving away something for free is always a good way to get peoples’ attention.

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2. Start Email Marketing


Get the email address of anyone who steps foot on your lot. One great way to do this is with a tablet placed at your reception. People will be more apt to sign in, and you won’t have to worry about illegible writing or emails not getting entered into your contact list. Once you have built a list of contacts you can begin a newsletter. A monthly newsletter should suffice. Now you have direct line to inform your current customers when you have promotional offers or events.

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3. Start an Event


Create an event for your customers. There are many ways and angles to take. You can take the formal approach and invite industry leaders to speak or make it a fun event with raffles, bulldozer races, and prizes. With so much business being done via emails and phone calls, events have become a necessity if you want to build an emotional connection with prospects. Nothing can replace a face-to-face conversation or handshake.

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4. Geo-Target a Banner Campaign


Rather than put up billboards, build awareness for your dealership by geo-targeting your online advertising. First you need to identify contractors online. Google can use online behaviors to identify who is most likely in heavy construction. However, it is more effective to target the cookie databases of relevant websites.

Once you have the online entities you want to target, you can relegate your digital advertising to your AOR. When it comes to digital advertising targeting is the name of the game. The more you can filter your campaign down, the more bang you get for you buck.

Now that you have the area and entities you want to target, serve banners that promote your dealership and build awareness for upcoming promotions and events.

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