4 ways to generate leads with newsletters

Newsletters are a key email marketing tactic for your business. They are an avenue to quickly and efficiently build relationships with current customers and generate more leads. In fact, 93% of B2B companies use email marketing to distribute their content to their audience.
To leverage your newsletters for lead generation and nurturing, you need to understand what to do before and after pressing the send button.
Formats b2b marketers use to distribute content for content marketing purposes

How to use newsletters to generate leads

1. Be a problem solver

Create a position of value and thought leadership in your subscribers’ eyes by crafting content that focuses on the buyer and what they may need for their business. What problems are they facing, or goals are they trying to achieve, and what can you offer that will help?
Blog articles and videos can offer marketing advice or ideas, and calls-to-action can encourage conversion by offering demos, promoting gated case studies or directing subscribers to a sales representative.

2. Follow up with those who click

Now that a newsletter reader has clicked on a CTA or left a message for a sales representative, it’s time to reach out to them.
You have the best chance of establishing a relationship and selling to the lead if you follow up in the first five minutes. Use marketing automation to send autoresponder messages in that time frame to let potential customers know a sales representative will reach out shortly to schedule a call or send more details about the products of interest.
If a subscriber clicks on a particular video or article, you may also send them a list of related content to keep them in touch with your brand.

3. Keep up with unengaged subscribers

If your readers aren’t engaging with the newsletter, it’s not always the end of the line. Forty-five percent of readers who received a win-back email later read subsequent messages.
Send a personalized email to let them know they’re missed, ask for feedback about why they aren’t engaging anymore or send a highlights newsletter featuring your most popular content. Use the results to continue fine-tuning your newsletter to keep them engaged with your company, because it increases their chances of converting down the road.

4. Review your metrics weekly

Keep track of open rates, click-through rates and conversions for each newsletter you send out. Some marketing automation services, such as HubSpot, provide a heatmap of your emails detailing which links were the most popular.
Information like this allows you to tweak your newsletter’s subject lines, preview text, content and design to find what is most engaging to your audience.


Use newsletters to get your message in front of your audience. Generate and nurture your leads by sharing relevant content, offering gated downloads and promoting CTAs that lead to landing pages for your products or services.
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