4 Ways to Boost Revenue After the Sale of a Truck

As many dealers and OEMs know, the initial sale of a piece of equipment is the only the tip of the revenue iceberg. Service and repair after the point of a sale contribute greatly to  profits.

In other words, repeat customers are your strongest driver of revenue. What can you the marketer do to develop loyalty among buyers?

Treat sales as leads. As any marketer or salesperson must nurture their leads to the point of sales, buyers need to be nurtured to the point of repeat business. You need to set up a line of communication that consistent without being “spammy.”

1. Organize Your Contacts

You need a system that organizes your contacts. This list should tell you purchase and repair history and have all the available contact info. A CRM platform simplifies this process and tracks all the data. You need to be able to send customers the information that is most relevant to them based on the history of your business relationship.

2. Set-Up Email Campaigns and Newsletters

To keep a consistent line of communication with your customers, create a newsletter. A monthly or weekly newsletter should suffice for the dealer market. Too many newsletters can be annoying. You also need to set up marketing automation to send out email reminders of service dates and upcoming deals.

3. Offer Value via Social Media

One of the gained advantages of social media, is the ability to create an emotional connection with your clients. It is simple enough. Start a Facebook page and let people have a look into your day to day activities. Show pictures of your technicians doing a great job and give clients a look into your operation. You can also offer your feel exclusive discounts via social media.

4. Create Owned Content

If you want your clients to see you as a true expert, publish your own content. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Just something short like: “The 3 Most Important Maintenance Practices,” or “5 Things You Don’t Know About Brakes.” You know the trucks you sell better than anyone. Just read a few blogs about how to write compelling copy and tell your clients what you know best.