4 Super Ways Being a Marketer is Really Being an Avenger

I guess the secret is out, our marketing department is staffed by a bunch of nerds!
I mean, Star Wars, Batman, and now the Avengers? But really, how many marketing lessons can we analyze from comic books and science fiction?
The answer is, well, a lot.
Go ahead, make your jokes, but Marvel has made more money than either you or me could ever dream of. The Avengers films, and  Avenger character movies they produced to lead into the greater story arc, have been wildly popular. But, much like when the comics were first written, there are many lessons about society and business that can be analyzed from the characters and the story.

So, without further ado, I present to you: Why Being a Marketer is Really Just Being an Avenger.

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Iron Man

Iron Man is arguably the best Avenger. He continuously pushes the limits of what technology can achieve to advance mankind. As he does, so he becomes stronger and more capable of saving the day. (Hopefully you’ve seen the last Iron Man film that shows Tony Stark’s dozens of suits.)
Marketers use technology to their advantage as well. There are always new opportunities to reach consumers, target audiences, and collect data. Over the past two decades the focus of marketing has moved further and further away from traditional print, radio, and television and more towards social media, blogs, and display networks.

As marketing shifts more to reach audiences online, it’s necessary for marketers to be more tech-savvy with backgrounds in digital technology.

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Thor is the god of thunder, who is trying to accomplish the greater goal of becoming king and protecting the nine realms. He does so by trying to focus on his faults and improving them. As his story progresses, he becomes more and more selfless and chivalric in his actions.
Similarly, marketers have to be less selfish and more honorable in their actions in their quest to become an industry leader. For instance, black-hat SEO (spamming, low-quality guest blogging for links, and keyword stuffing) has become a serious problem among the marketing profession. Instead of using tactics to “game the system” to rank well in Google, Bing, or Yahoo! search results, marketers should actually focus on creating genuine SEO.

By focusing on improving the quality of content and obtaining high-quality inbound links marketers can improve their search rankings, and their overall image among consumers.

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Hulk is probably the least successful of the four major superhero characters of the Avengers movies. Since his initial early big screen debut he has been played by no less than 3 different actors. Regardless, Dr. Bruce Banner (the calm, human alter ego of the Hulk) has to be in constant control of his emotions. If he somehow loses his cool, he turns into the raging, monstrous Hulk.
Marketers have to be very aware of their campaigns. One incorrect setting, a poor keyword choice, one extra 0, any of these things could lead to disastrous consequences. Also, after a campaign is finished, marketers have to look closely to see how well a campaign performed, leading to better insights for the future.

Marketers have to keep campaigns tightly controlled to make sure they are performing well and spending the marketing budget in the wisest way possible.

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Captain America

Captain America is the alter ego of Steve Rogers, enhanced to the peak of perfection by a United States experimental serum during World War 2. After the war he was inadvertently frozen in a glacier for 70 years, eventually being awaken in the modern day. He wakes up to a radically changed culture, a lot of new technology, and a military that operates very differently than it did in the past. While he is confused and unsure of his place in society, he is still very aware of his mission to protect American values.
This is often the place of traditional marketers in a field primarily dominated by new technology. Traditional marketing is still effective and has its place in campaigns, but more and more companies are shifting their budgets to digital media. Ultimately, this leaves traditional marketers scrambling to adjust. Understandably, things like social media, AdWords, analytics, and marketing automation can take a lot of adjusting.

In a frequently changing industry, it can be a daunting task to catch up, but the mission of being a good marketer and meeting the needs of your customers are the same.

The Avengers are the ultimate team of superheroes. Together they have the power to fight the foes that no single superhero could withstand. By developing your talents you have the ability to become the hero of your marketing department.
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