4 Reasons to Run a Performance Marketing Campaign

In so many ways, we’ve become a performance-based nation. Whether you’re talking football, trucks, music, academics, or business — or just comparing shiftless millennial children with your neighbor — we obsess over ‘performance.’
What’s your bottom line? How many titles have you won? What’s your GPA?
Cut to the chase — how did the campaign perform?
Preparation and planning are purposeful, but performance is the proverbial proof in the pudding.
Why should your marketing be any different?
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A New Age for Precision, Performance

In bygone years, marketing was maligned for leaning on less than precise tactics. Scattershot mass marketing, guesswork and gut-instinct were common factors in marketing strategies. ROI was hard to pin down.
Today, marketing is measurable, sophisticated, and increasingly data-driven. As opposed to blasting out the same message to everyone and hoping for the best, you can now target extremely specific audiences with relevant content. You can track ROI down to the penny and show your boss tangible results.
We’ve entered the age of Performance Marketing, where you pay for results and specific outcomes.
There are plenty of reasons to consider launching a Performance Marketing campaign. Here are four particularly compelling ones.    
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1. Bang for Your Buck

There was a time not long ago when marketing fees were paid up front, with no guarantee of any sort of positive result. It was a roll of the dice.
Performance Marketing means you pay based on successful transactions (whichever metric is important to you and your boss).
That’s an efficient, low-risk way to ensure ROI and maximize bang for your buck!
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2. Reach the Right Folks in the Right Places

Between targeted display, Facebook, YouTube, search engine marketing, and our network leads (our network of niche recruiting websites), we can reach just about anyone you might be looking for… in a setting where they’re more likely to respond.
Performance Marketing also enables you to reach new audiences, new leads, and new customers (or drivers). Through strategies like remarketing, you can target individuals who have expressed some sort of interest relevant to your company.
Data-driven targeting is all about reaching the right people in the right venue with the right message.
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3. Optimize Your Channels

Performance Marketing can help you get to the bottom of what channels are most effective for you. You may feel compelled to have some sort of presence on new or emerging platforms, but if your audience isn’t there (or responsive there), you’re wasting time and resources.
When’s the last time you tinkered with your marketing mix and weeded out under-performing channels?
Performance Marketing analytics give you a clear picture of what efforts are resonating with your audience, which can help you get the most out of your advertising spend. Not to mention trim your cost-per-lead and cost-per-hire.  
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4. Responsive (Human) Expertise

Our Performance Marketing coordinators here at Fusable are like savvy portfolio managers. They’ll brew up a campaign blend just for you based on your goals, and what exactly you’re trying to achieve. They’ll also monitor your campaign’s progress and tweak the recipe as needed to find your unique sweet spot of success.
If someone tries to shoehorn you into a one-size-fits-all marketing plan, run for the nearest exit. Not everyone has the same goals and metrics that matter to them. Growing your email list, increasing sales, getting more driver applications, and building brand awareness all call for individualized, tailored approaches.
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What’s Your Gameplan?

So what’s your marketing gameplan? Are you going with your gut? How’s your ROI?
If you’re keen on proactively maximizing your marketing budget, Performance Marketing puts you in the driver’s seat. It’s a great way to hone your marketing strategy, which can generate more targeted leads and increase efficiency across the board.
With the right tools, guidance, and expertise, your marketing can deliver bigger, better performance.   
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