4 Fantastic EDA Features

We have an impressive team of geniuses, experts, and all-around great folks working behind the scenes on EDA to make it an indispensable hub for business intelligence and data-driven solutions for those who buy, sell, or finance equipment. They’re always developing new capabilities and optimizing existing features that can give your business a huge competitive advantage.
EDA features a flotilla of fantastic functions. Here are four frequent fan favorites we get a lot of positive feedback on.
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1. UCC Data

UCC data can help you chase down new leads by discovering active buyers. When a lender completes a financing agreement with a debtor, the lender files a UCC-1 form with the Secretary of State where the debtor resides. Doing so notifies lenders, dealers and others that there is a security interest on a piece of collateral.
The collateral is secured once the lender files the UCC-1 form, which has a file number, the debtor’s organization name and address (along with an owner name when appropriate), the secured party’s name and address, and a description of collateral covered.
EDA has done all the hard work for you by compiling UCC data from all 50 states, verifying it for accuracy through several sources, and amending the data to add useful information for marketers.
Monitoring UCC data is an efficient way to find new prospects with good credit ratings in your area. This dovetails nicely with EDA’s powerful search filters.
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2. Targeted Search Criteria

One of the simplest ways to find prospects in the EDA database is to search by category.
You can search by a number of criteria, including brand, equipment, and location. This will help you narrow down your search to very specific prospects who are most likely to purchase the equipment you sell.
For instance, if you’re trying to sell skid steers in eastern Texas, you can narrow down prospect searches to contractors within your AOR who have purchased similar equipment in the past five years. This narrows down the prospect list to those who are most likely to need your equipment.
Using EDA, you can set Searches or Watches that alert you to buyers’ filing status and finance activity. You will see who they are, the equipment type they own or lease, contact information, and a pinpoint map. You can refine your search for better results using the following filters:
Location: Prospects by State, County, City, or ZIP Code
Equipment: By Type, Brand, Model, Size, or New/Used
Filing Status: By Transaction Type
Buyer: By Name or SIC Code
Using EDA filtered search results allows your marketing team to segment target audiences, who you can then contact with timely and relevant messages.
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3. Prospect Mobile

Prospect Mobile is a new tool from EDA designed with sales reps in mind. This powerful app lets you easily access your EDA database of prospects and target your top opportunities while on the road.
It’s free for all EDA Online license holders.
Prospect Mobile is a tremendous tool for in-the-field prospecting and sales call planning.
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4. Prospect Profiles

EDA’s new prospect view includes an overview of exactly what your sales team needs to target the right prospects.
Prospect profiles include:

  • Financial Overview – The list and chart views make it easy to see brand preference, lender relationships, and buying patterns.
  • Equipment Purchases – Toggle between two lists of a buyer’s financing history. See only equipment you’re interested in (your “Search” or “Watch” parameters), or view all their equipment that’s in your database.
  • Key Contacts – See key contacts with their title, date of most recent activity, or other pertinent info.
  • Map – Locate your prospect’s place of business or primary contact point.

With all this information organized and at your disposal, your sales team will be sure to spend their time with the right people. That maximizes marketing, money, and manpower.
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That’s Not All!

This is just the tip of the EDA iceberg. The platform contains a wonderland of money-making insight and intelligence, and a slew of ways to make your marketing and sales more targeted than ever before.
If you’re ready to witness firsthand the power of data to grow your business, contact us today!
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