3 ways you can really satisfy customers

You finally made that sale you’ve been working on. Your customer purchased the equipment, signed the contract or subscribed to your software service. They chose you out of all your competition, so surely you’re on your way to a five-star rating, right?
But what if your customer needs more than a completed purchase to be satisfied?

How do you satisfy customers?

Going the extra mile for your customers will have big benefits for you, since satisfied customers are more likely to become loyal to your brand. According to this study, repeat customers are more likely to:

  • spend 67% more than first-time customers.
  • refer others to your business.
  • consider purchasing a new product that you develop.

These three tips can help you take things to the next level with your customers.

1. Give it a personal touch

Seventy-one percent of customers feel frustrated when an experience is impersonal. Personalize follow-ups, offers and content suggestions throughout the entire buyer’s journey based on past interactions and behavior. 
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2. Offer more than just your products

No customer wants to just be a number. That’s why companies that optimize for and support emotional connections with their customers can increase sales by 85%.
Establish and maintain a lively social media community or website forum where customers can share knowledge with each other and service representatives can answer questions, share tips and take suggestions for new products or services. Connect with customers emotionally to form a strong relationship.
Your connections with your customers don’t have to be strictly business-related either. 
For example, when Zappos service representatives discovered a customer was late returning her shoes because her mother passed away, not only did they waive the return shipping fee and have a courier pick up the shoes, but they also sent a bouquet of flowers offering their condolences. 

3. Provide killer customer service

When customers invest heavy dollars into your products, they expect the customer service to reflect their investment.
First, make it easy for customers to contact you for questions or troubleshooting by offering omnichannel support. Being reachable via social media, email, phone and website chat gives customers plenty of ways to get in touch.
Second, provide training to your customer service team so they’re able to resolve issues quickly and efficiently. This study also indicates that kind customer service agents go a long way in making the experience positive, so provide training for that as well.
What specifically made these customer service interactions GOOD? survey


Take your customers’ experiences from good to great. Remember, they want an experience that’s catered to them, offers an emotional connection and boasts supreme customer service. Once you do that, your customers are more likely to become repeat purchasers, spend up to 67% more money with you and recommend you to colleagues.
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