3 ways you can increase customer engagement with interactive content

If you don’t have customer engagement, you’ll have trouble finding success with any other part of your marketing strategy. Fortunately, you can use interactive content marketing to increase customer engagement and grow your business.

Why use interactive content marketing?

Using content to influence prospects and provide additional value to customers is important, and interactive content requires active participation from the users, it increases engagement and gives you insights about the interests of the user. Interactive content also results in:

  • Twice as many conversions as passive content
  • Five times more pageviews than passive content
  • A 93% effectiveness rate versus passive content’s 70% effectiveness rate, according to marketers

3 ways to use interactive content

1. Calculators


Calculators are an extremely useful tool for buyers and are a very versatile form of interactive marketing. They give immediate, personalized and valuable results and are a great way to increase time spend onsite.

Calculators simplify complex information and can be used in almost any context, including estimating ROI, payments or total operating costs per hour. These tools are a great way to show your customers the value that you provide in concrete terms. One example is Cat’s calculator, which provides an interactive experience right on the webpage for buyers who are actively shopping and trying to determine what they can purchase within their budget.

2. eBooks

The biggest strength of interactive eBooks is that there are multiple different touchpoints that can be made interactive and several different ways to do it.

If you want to start off simple, add linked text and images in the table of contents to immediately take users to specific pages or sections of interest so they don’t have to scroll past information that is irrelevant to them.

To add more interest, include illustrations that reveal animated movements and explanations when clicked. Quizzes are also excellent forms of interactive content because you can reveal the correct answer, as well as a detailed explanation, once the user makes a selection.

This eBook from Pardot uses animated graphs, linked text and more to create an engaging and educational piece of interactive content.

3. Infographics


Static infographics by themselves are highly engaging pieces of content, and making them interactive will take them to a whole new level.

There are many directions you can take interactive infographics. If you want to be especially creative, and if you have a lot of information or data to share, developing a “choose your own adventure” version is an exciting way for your prospects to delve into the information they’re looking for by actively choosing the path they want to follow.

If you want a simpler, but still engaging approach, animations the users can click on will bring your data to life, while introducing polls has a two-fold benefit: letting your prospects see how their opinion or strategies compare to others in the industry while also collecting data for audience segmentation.

Here, Google’s How Search Works interactive infographic breaks down all the information in simple, digestible chunks supported by animations, linked text and a video. 


Customers are twice as likely to convert when a brand makes use of interactive content marketing, so why not include it in your strategy? Whether you choose to go with a simple and easy tactic, such as calculators, or more complex and creative ones, like interactive eBooks and infographics, you’ll be able to improve customer engagement and boost business growth.

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