3 ways video webinars connect you with more business

No matter the size of your company, if your brand is seen as knowledgeable and trustworthy, you will attract more prospects, keep more customers and generate more business than your competitors. Now is the time to turn the obstacles of social distancing into an advantage by adding video webinars to your marketing strategy. They provide the perfect avenue to connect with current and prospective customers, while providing a platform to share your unique content and build thought leader status.
Trust, engagement and lead generation are essential elements of a successful marketing campaign. Here are three ways video webinars can move the needle for your company.

1. Trust

Eighty-seven percent of customers have more trust in a business that they recognize as a knowledgeable and trustworthy source of information. A video webinar provides a perfect avenue to build that reputation. The expertise your company has amassed is a direct result of the products and services you offer that are designed to meet user needs. Creating and distributing content with that knowledge via video webinars helps establish customer confidence in your brand.
If your business does not have the staff necessary to independently host a video webinar, align yourself with a trusted media partner chosen through a careful selection process.

2. Engagement

Video webinars open the door for engagement on multiple levels. Eighty-two percent of viewers participate in Q&A sessions, while 67% use whitepaper downloads. Group chats, surveys, polls and social media campaigns all allow your registrants to interact with your brand. Running a social media campaign before the webinar gathers registrants and running a second one after the webinar promotes the recorded download. At Fusable, we use our own proprietary data to help you target specific sectors of your customer base to reach the right audience for the webinar.
In order to obtain thought leader status, the content should reflect more than just your expertise. It needs to also be tailored to your audience’s pain points and interests, as well as any untapped opportunities. Using data will help you reach this point by guiding content development and keeping the webinar relevant to reach maximum engagement.
Content marketing brainstorming Venn diagram

3. Leads

Use the webinar as a platform to share content, your offerings and promote your brand to collect leads. Follow up with prospects soon after to quickly begin converting them into buyers. When leads are generated with Fusable’s services, we track exactly where they come from, so you know your most lucrative source. Promoting the webinar recording also ensures your leads are not limited to live attendees alone.
The use of webinars and content, also has the added benefit of improving search engine ranking and generating repeat visits to your website. This is key, as B2B prospects tend to spend hours doing online research before engaging with a salesperson.


The phrase “content is king” is not a misnomer. But the kind of content that earns a brand thought leader status falls within the intersection of your company’s expertise, audience pain points and interests and untapped opportunities. The knowledge amassed from the work you do in your industry can be developed into content that lets consumers and prospects know you are a trustworthy source of information and insight. Customers are more apt to trust and do business with companies they consider to be thought leaders. Video webinars, either independently produced or with the help of a trusted media partner, are a solid avenue for your brand to develop customer trust, foster engagement and generate leads.
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