3 Ways Video Can Amp Up Your Marketing

We all know that video is a big deal. Statistics put daily video consumption at around 4 billion videos on YouTube alone. It boggles the mind.
More and more brands are realizing the power of video to boost the effectiveness of their marketing, and you can’t miss out. It’s time to harness the video marketing craze that is sweeping the internet. You can either join in or miss out.
But maybe you’re still not convinced. Here are a few reasons to incorporate video into your marketing efforts.
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Boost Email Open Rate

According to a survey by Animoto, consumers are nearly 50% more likely to read emails with links to video. Not only does it increase opens, but it also increases email engagement. In a report from Vidyard, Clearfit (a recruiting software company) was able to increase click-to-open rate by over 53%.
Embedding video in emails directly can be tricky, and it may not work with some email clients.

Here are a few tips to help.

  • Link to the video hosted on your site. This will help improve the quality of the email across multiple email clients.
  • Instead of a video, try adding a still frame and link the image to your video. (Superimposing the play button on the image will help.)
  • Mention the video somewhere in your subject line.

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Better Engagement on Social Media

Like the ClearFit example demonstrated above, videos are extremely engaging. But this isn’t just limited to email. Social media engagement can take a big boost from video as well.
Animoto’s survey showed that around 84% of consumers have “liked” a company video in their News Feed, and around 50% have shared a company video from their social media profiles. Simply Measured echoed this, reporting that video is 1,200% more likely to be shared than links and text combined.

Diode Digital went further than Animoto, reporting that 60% of all viewers will watch video before reading any site text.

Videos on social media networks can have a wide range of uses. You can provide followers and fans with a way to see your products and services, corporate culture, or your commitment to your industry. Be wary not to fall into the trap of being too self-promotional.
Many brands incorporate their flair for storytelling into their social media videos, focusing less on being salesy and more on the followers. Here is an example of video campaigns straight out of Hollywood to help demonstrate this point
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Drive Sales

Video is a great way to move customers through the sales process, even if you are looking at a larger ticket item with a longer sales process. In the video Commerce Report, Liveclicker reported companies that featured product videos on their websites saw larger average order values than companies that didn’t use video.
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For some of you, that’s great news! For others, you have a longer sales process that doesn’t include purchasing equipment or products online. But this is still relevant. Your website is a great place to show people:

  • Product Demos

  • Customer Testimonials

  • Company-centric Videos

Your customers want an inside look. They want to know as much about your product as they can before they ever call or contact you. And where do they go to find this? Your website, that’s right.

Adding video to your site can enhance prospect engagement before they’re ready to buy, keeping you top-of-mind.

Today, consumers respond to and expect you to use digital video. They want to see your videos as they interact with you via email, your website, and on social media. And by creating content they prefer, you’re more likely to drive profitable interactions for your company.
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