3 Ways to Use Data to Market to the Trucking Industry

The better you target your ads, the bigger the ROI. Spending money on an ad that isn’t targeted is like playing the penny slots at a casino. Is it possible that you will make some money? Sure, but if you do the payoff will probably be small.

The secret to efficiently spending your marketing budget isn’t really a secret at all.

If you are trying to market to the trucking industry, one of the best data sources you can find is RigDig Business Intelligence. It doesn’t matter if you sell after-market products to the trucking industry, provide a service to fleets, or even if you are just looking to target your marketing towards a specific type or size of fleet. Quality data can help your advertising dollars turn into revenue.

1. Target by number of violations.

A fleet that has a truck sitting idle is losing $800 a day. If you provide a product or service that can help that fleet get their trucks on the road and keep them there, you can make a pretty convincing sales pitch. You know that there are fleets somewhere that can use your product to help improve their bottom line. The tricky part is approaching the right prospect at the right time with the right solution.

If you can get all these stars to align, suddenly your biggest problem will be finding a place to keep all of the money you are making.


2. Target by fleet size.

Not every product or service for the trucking industry will be perfect for every size of fleet. Depending on your company’s profit margins, it may not be worth your time to have your sales team tracking down leads for small orders. Keep in mind that just because you feel like your sales team has reached out to every large fleet in the country, doesn’t mean they have.

There are roughly 2 million tractor trailers on the road in the US right now. If your aftermarket product isn’t on all of them, you have work to do.


3. Brand Affinity

This seems obvious for truck dealers who are looking to reach fleets, but you would be amazed at the number of dealers who have never used a product like RigDig Business Intelligence to figure out what fleets prefer what brands. Yes, you might want to try to convince a fleet to switch from a certain brand of truck to the one that you sell, but data can help you as well. Look for fleets that are constantly spending money on repairs and pitch your brand as a more dependable alternative. Maybe your aftermarket product fixes a problem that certain brands of trucks struggle with.

Get creative, proper data can help you target prospects you never would have dreamed of reaching.


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