3 ways to transition from traditional to digital marketing

Digital marketing should be a mainstay of your overall strategy, but how do you begin incorporating digital tactics into your current, more traditional strategy?
You’ll need to get to the root goal of each method you use and pair it with a digital alternative to create a stronger, fully blended marketing strategy.

How to add more digital marketing tactics to your strategy

1. Sync traditional and digital marketing tactics

We may live in a digital world, but no one is online 100% of the time, and sometimes traditional tactics, like direct mail marketing, work just as well or even better than some digital tactics. Look for ways to incorporate digital marketing tactics in your current marketing strategy, rather than creating an entirely new one.
For example, giving customers the option to receive digital versions of any printed materials you may send out and integrating digital aspects like QR codes into brochures and postcards extends the impact of your marketing material.

2. Find digital counterparts that achieve the same goal

traditional marketing compared to digital marketing
To easily transition between traditional and digital marketing, think about what drove the objectives and strategies of your traditional tactics, and how you can accomplish the same thing with digital marketing. For example, if you advertise in industry magazines to build brand awareness, then advertising on industry websites will serve the same purpose. 
While some traditional marketing tactics have obvious counterparts, such as direct mail and email marketing, you can take advantage of more data-driven tactics, like geotargeting and contextual targeting to get an even more customized approach to reach prospects within your trading area or as they consume relevant content.

3. Use a CRM platform and marketing automation

A customer relationship management platform, such as HubSpot CRM or Microsoft Dynamics 365, streamlines digital marketing by collecting all marketing and sales information and keeping it in one place. A CRM system helps you keep track of customer interactions, purchase history and more while gaining data insights that help you optimize your marketing tactics.
Using marketing automation services, such as scheduling social media posts and emails, also makes it easier to incorporate important digital marketing tactics.


We live in the digital age, and while traditional tactics should still be part of your strategy, you can take it even further with digital marketing. Update your strategy with digital methods that will serve the same purpose as your preferred traditional tactics and are very likely to achieve even better results.  
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