3 ways to inspire creativity in your marketing

Behind every great campaign is a creative way to attract attention and drive action. However, for some reason, creativity appears more daunting in the B2B space. 

“Creativity is seeing what everyone else has seen, and thinking what no one else has thought.”

– Albert Einstein

Here’s three ways to jumpstart your creative marketing brain.

How to inspire creativity in marketing

1. Find ways to break the rules

Sometimes rules are great guidelines for your ad campaigns and content.
And sometimes, they need to be ignored.
Thinking of what “rules” you can break is a great exercise because it forces you to think outside the box to bring new ideas to the table. 
For example, when Burger King wanted to launch an ad campaign to boost their app, what would others assume they would not want to do? Send customers to McDonald’s. So, what did they do? Sent customers to McDonald’s.
Anyone within 600 feet of a McDonald’s was able to claim an offer to purchase a Whopper for a penny through the Burger King app. By breaking such an important rule, Burger King’s campaign was a success, resulting in 1.5 million app downloads, 500,000 mobile Whopper sales and an ROI of 37:1.
McDonald's whopper detour ad

2. There are no bad ideas — just good ideas in progress

Brainstorm without worrying about what works and what doesn’t. You’ll figure out what works later.
Share these ideas with others who can offer different perspectives and suggestions that might turn some of these new ideas into successful endeavors.
New ideas don’t always happen during business hours. Things that you might usually find mundane could lead to a fresh take in your content. Merging observations, ideas and interests from both your personal and professional life can give an old topic new life.
That’s what happened in this LinkedIn article. Professionally, readers want to know how to create successful content. And personally, they may relax at night reading their favorite comic books.
This article successfully merges the professional and personal interests, creating a unique concept that may have sounded a little strange at first. Blending unrelated concepts like this also opens the door for humor in your marketing, which is another creative pursuit you should try.
Marketing lesson for b2b fintech companies

3. Center the campaign around emotions

Usually, the core goal of a marketing campaign will be something measurable, like increasing website traffic or sales. But that’s not the only thing you should focus on.
Design the campaign to evoke specific emotions. Working backward from the emotional goal will inspire fresh ideas and help place your customers the center of the campaign.
Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign placed customers at the center of the story. It was an engaging campaign because customers searched for their names and their loved one’s names on bottles and shared personal stories on social media using #shareacoke.
This campaign increased sales, improved customer relationships and aligned the brand with positive moments in customers’ lives. 
Share a coke ad 


Sometimes you need to break rules to make an impact. And other times, you just have to be willing to share ideas without worrying how they sound. Use your creativity for new ideas and emotional connections that attract and inspire customers.
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