3 ways to improve video retention rates

Video marketing is often seen as a highly effective way to engage with your audience and grow your business. In fact:

Clearly, video marketing has earned its place in many strategies. However, you won’t grow as much as you could if your videos aren’t being watched in full.

3 tips to increase video retention rates

1. Start strong

The first 15-30 seconds are crucial for grabbing and keeping a viewer’s attention. Start with a strong statement, a leading question or a preview of what you’ll discuss to show viewers the video is worth watching.

2. Include pattern interruption

Worried about your audience getting bored? Mix it up a little. When you repeat the same images and narratives, it can become tedious. Change the camera angle, add b-roll or incorporate on-screen graphics for more visual variety and engagement.
The b-roll in this customer testimonial video strengthens the museum’s story by creating a more visually engaging video.

3. Study the analytics

If you’re posting your videos on YouTube or other social media platforms that provide insights, look at the analytics page to learn when viewers are most likely to drop off. You may need to shorten your title sequence or find a new way to present your content to make it engaging and improve video retention rates.


To make the most of your video marketing, make sure your audience is watching each video in full. Improve retention rates by creating a visually engaging video with an attention-grabbing introduction, and continually review analytics to troubleshoot drop off rates.
If you want to do even more with your video marketing, watch the video below or on YouTube to learn where to host your videos.

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