3 ways to get ahead of the buyer’s journey

The average B2B purchase takes up to six weeks and four decision makers to complete, and even more for heavy equipment. But you can and should start marketing to those decision makers much earlier in the buying process. 
Use data insights to pinpoint who will be shopping for what, and when the best time to reach them will be.

How to get ahead of the buyer’s journey with data insights

buyer’s journey

1. Start early

With UCC (equipment liens) data, you can determine when businesses have purchased what equipment and, more importantly, with enhanced data insights, when they are most likely to replace it. This is vital as customers are twice as likely to purchase from brands that are in the initial consideration set than brands that are considered late in the buyer’s journey. 
The end of a lease period or warranty means that a company will soon search for a replacement. The same enhanced data insights that provides end-of-lease terms will also provide preferred brands and equipment types, so you can start marketing with targeted ads and content before they even begin their search.
For more tips on starting early, watch this video:


2. Pay attention to market activity

Use data insights to keep tabs on which products and brands are becoming more popular.
Focus on websites that cover industry news and examine trends in detail, so you can see the changing market preferences as it’s reported. Try to find sources that cover specific locations or market segments for even more detail. You can also set Google alerts to keep track of news on key competitors and topics.
Data insights like this and more are available with easy-to-understand services like EDA or RigDig.

3. Stay top-of-mind

As your prospect goes through the buyer’s journey, you want to be one step ahead.
To stay top of mind, push use paid Google search ads, contextual targeting and social media marketing.
Your prospect will also soon begin researching competing brands to determine their best option. Get ahead by offering your own comparisons that showcase your value with long-form content, case studies and videos to influence buyer’s behavior.
If you have their email address and permission to send marketing material, offer free webinars and demos to appeal to prospects that are farther along in the buyer’s journey so you can answer any lingering questions before they make their decision.


Knowing the buyer’s journey means knowing how to get ahead of it. Take advantage of powerful data insights such as when warranties and lease periods are ending, the latest trends in the market and the priorities of your customer base to start engaging early and follow your prospective customers through every phase of the buyer’s journey.
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