3 Ways to Build Your Brand in the Trucking Industry

Somehow brands like Coca-Cola and McDonalds have built brands known in every household across the world. But you don’t have to sell your soul to build a strong brand.
A brand is simply the symbol of a relationship and a promise, one between you and the customer. The companies that have built well known brands are the companies who understand this one key principle.

With that in mind, here are 3 ways your brand can stand out in the trucking industry.

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1. Introduce Yourself

It’s not enough to simply continue working with your current customers. To build a lasting brand you need to find ways to get in front of the trucking industry where you know they are gathering. You need to introduce yourself.
For instance, Commercial Carrier Journal and Overdrive have large audiences of fleet executives and owner-operators. Exhibiting at events like the Great American Trucking Show are another opportunity to get in front of the trucking industry where you know they congregate.
To build more impressions you can also use performance-based digital marketing. By targeting a tagged online audience or bidding on relevant keywords, you can generate thousands of qualified impressions to build brand awareness.

Creating a multi-channel campaign with numerous touch points ensures that you are getting the impressions and brand awareness.

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2. Build Trust

Establishing trust with your audience is one of the most integral parts of building your brand. Always remember your brand is both a relationship and a promise to make the customer’s life easier.
Finding ways to prove your product’s value is important, but that can be difficult when approaching new prospects. There are a few different forms of content that you can use to identify and address your audience’s pain points.

  • Infographics and blog posts are great content that can be quickly created and published on a regular schedule. These could address multiple issues in the trucking industry or, more specifically, problems that your product can help solve.
  • A whitepaper is another form of content that is more in-depth. It takes more time to create, but can address how your product or service can assist your prospects. Whitepapers should always be form-gated, hosted on your website, and linked to all social accounts.

Content marketing that provides real business value builds trust with prospects.

You can utilize performance marketing again to improve your content’s outreach and drive website traffic. Use those banners to get your content in front of your prospects.

Once your audience begins to purchase your product, you are fulfilling your promise and establishing brand loyalty and trust that will convert into lasting business relationships.

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3. Continue the Conversation

Now that you have introduced yourself and are establishing trust with your audience, you need to continue the conversation. By this point there are many prospects who have converted into customers. But you don’t want to lose the engagement with those still on the fence.
Social media is a great way to keep prospects, leads, and customers engaging with your brand. Not only does social media provide an excellent platform to provide more relevant content, but it can help you stay top-of-mind for buyers.
New Facebook targeting options, for instance, allow you to remarket to tagged audiences, such as visitors of ccjdigital.com. To build your brand’s Facebook following, you can create ads designed to get these tagged online audiences to engage with your posts on Facebook and continue the conversation.

By incorporating social media into your strategy, you can establish your brand as an industry leader and become part of an ongoing conversation with customers.

Branding is anything but a mystical process and goes beyond a cool or fancy logo. Your brand is the relationship between your customer and your business and a promise to provide better products than your competition. If you treat your brand like a relationship you can build a brand that will stand the test of time.
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