3 Types of Content Your Competitors are Probably Using (And You Should Be Too)

Content marketing is used by 82% of companies, and that number is growing. But not all forms of content are equal, and many professional marketers show a strong preference for  three types of content.

According to HubSpot’s latest Not Another State of Marketing Report, these are marketers’ favorite forms of content.

1. Videos

The fact that videos are the one of the most common forms of content marketing shouldn’t be a surprise. In fact, video marketing was the most used form of content marketing in 2020 and 2021.

To make the best videos possible, draw inspiration from your most popular pieces of content. You can create a video counterpart to popular articles, create short snippets from webinars or interviews, and even turn case studies into engaging animations.

Of course, to really get the most mileage from your video marketing, you must post it in the right places, like your website, YouTube, or Facebook. This Marketing Minute video has more tips for distributing your videos.


2. Blogs

Companies that run blogs generate 67% more leads than companies that do not.

This tactic is not only popular, but very diverse. You can create long-form content with a 2,000-word count, or short posts that are only a few hundred words. It’s also a great way to boost SEO by incorporating relevant keywords and image file names.

However, don’t let each blog post be an endless stream of text. Break it up into more manageable pieces with headers and sub headers, numbered lists, bullet points, images, and even short video clips.

Here’s an example of a construction blog from Cat, which they cleverly call “On The Level”.

construction blog

3. Infographics

People remember 65% of the information that they see visually, but just 10% of the information they hear about.

Infographics can be used alone or in combinations with other content, such as whitepapers, to break up long pieces of text and to easily explain complicated topics or data. Infographics are highly engaging and are shared on social media three times as often as text posts.

For added engagement, you can even make your infographics interactive by including animated polls and statistics or designing it in a way that allows readers to follow different “paths” of information, similar to a “choose-your-own-adventure” book.

3 reasons to geotarget

image credit


It’s important to understand what other marketers are doing. Testing those tactics to see if they work for you may make your own marketing strategy more robust. With content marketing being such an integral part in many marketing strategies, you should take a look at the top three most commonly used forms of content and include them where you can.

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