3 Stats About Video in the Construction Industry

Contractors and construction companies have massive buying power. Their projects are large scale, and the equipment they use on a job site is expensive. For OEMs, dealers, manufacturers, and distributors, it’s necessary to leverage these audiences.
Before you jump in and start building a marketing campaign, you need to understand your audience. You need to understand how contractors and managers for construction companies are consuming media.
Understanding media consumption will help you build intuitive marketing campaigns that convert these big budget contractors.
Today, let’s talk about a few stats you need to know before you write off video marketing.
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1. Media consumption is changing.

In the 2014 Equipment World Connectivity Study, only 41.8% of contractors reported using social media. This is well below the national average, which sits at around 74% of all internet users.

However, that number isn’t staying flat.

In fact, research for the 2015 Equipment World Connectivity Study (which hasn’t been released yet), shows around 45% of contractors have self reported using social media. That’s a jump of 3% in a single year.
Social Media usage from the 2014 Equipment World Connectivity Study.
You can expect to see these numbers continue to grow. As older contractors continue to age and retire, younger, more social savvy contractors will become decision makers. Perfecting your video marketing channels now can provide valuable conversions both now and down the road.
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2. YouTube is second only to Facebook.

YouTube is one of the most important channels for distributing your video content. You can even build powerfully targeted ads to help you drive measurable results for your brand. And, as it turns out, it’s also the second most used social media site among contractors.
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68% of contractors who use social media use YouTube.

Just because YouTube lags behind Facebook doesn’t mean it isn’t valuable. It’s important to remember that many people watch YouTube videos online without realizing where they are. It’s not a channel you should dismiss.
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3. Videos are more than YouTube.

When you think of video marketing, you probably go straight to YouTube. While YouTube may be the video marketing juggernaut, that doesn’t mean it’s the only channel available to marketers. There are multiple channels you can use to reach contractors with video.
These include:

  • Facebook
  • Google’s Display Network
  • Media Websites

The Display Network and various media websites can be a powerful tool for reaching contractors across the web.

Currently, 92% of contractors have self-reported using the internet. This number is massive, and they are within easy reach of your video ads.
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With the Display Network, which includes over 2 million websites, you can reach contractors on some of the biggest sites, like Fox News or CNN. There are also a number of video ad formats that allow you to find the most effective way to convert contractors.
Industry trends on the Google Display Network
This works a few different ways, but here’s a general overview. Your video is presented to your audience based on the keywords, traits, or other targeting options you have defined. After a click or short hover on your ad, the video opens in a larger window over the page content. Another click delivers them directly to your landing page.
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Media websites are also an important component of your video marketing. Around 67% of contractors have visited EquipmentWorld.com. By partnering with media sites your audience visits on a daily basis, you can reach these contractors, and even narrow them down to specific geographical areas.

Don’t miss out on contractors by zoning in on one channel.

Video may seem like a lost cause for converting contractors. These audiences don’t seem as technically advanced as the general population, but don’t be fooled. Contractors have a complicated and ever changing pattern of media consumption. If you count out video, you’re losing the opportunity to drive quality conversions.
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