3 reasons visual design in digital marketing is more important than you might think

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It’s easy to be intimidated by the visual design for your digital marketing campaigns, but even small design-related things can have a huge impact:

·  Ninety-four percent of first impressions are design-related

·  Using the right colors in your designs improves comprehension by 73%

·  Colored ads are also viewed 40% more than plain ads

Here are three reasons why design is an important component of your digital marketing success.

Increases Brand Recognitions

The visual design of all your digital marketing should fall in line with your branding. Something as simple as maintaining a color palette can increase brand recognition by 80%. This is key, as brand recognition increases brand recall, which means prospects are more likely to consider you as the go through the buyer’s journey.

CAT’s ads, for example, are all consistent and boost the company’s branding, with the same yellow and black color scheme found in all marketing materials. They also maintain a consistent brand voice across all touchpoints.

CAT billboard for work boots.

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Boosts your sales

Effective graphic design will set you apart from competitors, making your brand more distinguishable.

Even just creating a consistent brand image across all platforms, regardless of what marketing materials are leveraged, is enough to increase revenue by 23%.  Plus infographics, a design-heavy visual  marketing approach, can drive website traffic by 12%, getting more eyes on your products.

Conveys your message

Given that attention spans have dropped by 25% over the past few years, leaning on a more visual approach is key. A good design can convey your message better than words can, whether you are selling something tangible like a service or building your brand personality. 

For example, FedEx’s ad below may not be actually selling something, but it demonstrates their service better than any words can. The design makes the message understandable even at a glance and helps cement their reliability and trustworthiness as a worldwide shipping company.

FedEx Express shipping ad.

[image credit]


A good design for your digital marketing can make or break your campaigns. Prospects may not remember–or could completely ignore–your message if your design fails to engage them. Good design in digital marketing increases recall, brand recognition, and revenue, making this an essential part of any strategy.

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