3 Innovative Ways to Reach Your Audience on YouTube

YouTube is one of the best channels for marketers to reach their audiences. However, there are a lot of things that have to be taken into account to achieve success. For instance, a killer script, compelling imagery, and the best story are all necessary for a great video. And that’s just the creative!
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While each of those things are necessary, creating the best possible ad goes beyond the creative. Marketers also have to make sure they are using the right ad to accomplish their objective. Equally, if not more, important is ensuring that ads are displaying to the right people.
Today, we’re going to look at the most innovative things marketers are doing to build the right ads and reach the right audience on YouTube.
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1. Goals

What do you want to accomplish through this campaign? What is a win for your company? Figuring this out is the first step in any campaign planning process. Fortunately, YouTube ads can help you achieve a number of different goals.

Here are a few goals you can set for your campaign and drive performance.

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Use these 4 metrics to set your YouTube campaign goals.[/caption]
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2. TrueView

TrueView helps marketers ensure they’re only paying for the ad impressions that matter. There isn’t as much to worry about in terms of wasted, random impressions or maybe-they-saw-its. If a viewer doesn’t choose to watch a video, marketers don’t have to pay.

It’s a win-win. Viewers are able to watch the videos that appeal to them or there’s no charge.

It also provides marketers with new opportunities for their ads. TrueView ads aren’t limited to just 30 seconds anymore, meaning there is more freedom to experiment with different creative formats. That means viewers can see product demos, testimonials, or even how-tos.

There are 2 types of TrueView video ad formats available to marketers.

  • In-Stream –

    In-stream ads play like a commercial before or during a YouTube channel. Viewers will see about 5 seconds of the video, and they can then choose to skip or keep watching. Marketers only pay when viewers watch at least 30-seconds or to the end of the video.

  • Display –

    In-display ads appear alongside other YouTube videos, in YouTube search pages, or on other websites in the Google Display Network which match a target audience. Marketers only pay to watch a video by clicking on the ad.

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3. Targeting

Some marketers don’t think that much about targeting. Unfortunately for them, the reality is that all of your great artwork and copy can be completely undone by bad ad targeting. But that doesn’t have to be the case.
Marketers have a lot of targeting options to get their ads in front of very specific audiences on YouTube. All it takes is a little know-how and some hard work.
Here are some of the YouTube targeting options available to marketers:

  • Demographics –

    Age, gender, and parental status.

  • Interests –

    Display to audiences who have shown interest in products similar to what you sell.

  • Placements –

    Display ads on specific websites, YouTube videos, or YouTube channels.

  • Remarketing –

    Display ads to viewers based on their past interactions with your videos or YouTube channel.

  • Keywords –

    Keyword targeting to serve ads based on viewers’ search queries.

Marketers have to be innovative in everything they do. They can’t sit around and respect the status quo. That’s the best way to fail. Having the right design, copy, formatting, and targeting are all key to converting the most valuable prospects.
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