10 Quick Wins to Hit Your 2014 Marketing Goals

Do Not Panic!

It’s November. The end of the year is getting really close, but you haven’t met all of your goals yet. Don’t worry. There is still plenty of time for you to finish off the year strong.
But to be successful, you need to figure out some quick wins that will help you accomplish your goals in 2014.
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1. Use Data to Measure Market Share Growth

If you’re getting close to the end of the year and haven’t hit your goals, that doesn’t mean you’ve failed. Data can help you judge how effective you have been, even if you haven’t been able to establish exact numbers for all of your campaigns.
There is so much in marketing that can never be tracked, no matter how hard you try or how fastidious you are. But data can help you bridge the gaps between your campaigns and your end of the year reports. For instance, market share growth can be a great way to measure the effects of branding and impression based campaigns, which don’t normally provide a clear ROI.

Using intelligent data can provide you with a better understanding of exactly how well your less measurable marketing campaigns have performed.

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2. Generate Highly Targeted Leads

Hopefully, you have been tracking your marketing performance throughout the year. You should know what channels generate the best leads, what type of leads convert best, and how much each lead is worth. This is important data that can help you accomplish your end of the year goals.

Without this information, you can’t be as exact as possible in generating highly qualified leads you need for the end of the year.

You have probably generated a lot of leads over the past year, but you may still need to help accomplish revenue goals. To do this, you need to generate smaller numbers of highly qualified leads for your sales team. By generating only the types of leads that convert best, you can help accomplish your company’s yearly revenue goals.
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3. Recycle Your Best Content

You should also know which pieces of content performed best for the year so far. If not, take a look back over your lead reports and analytics. This should give you a good understanding of which content pieces were the most effective at converting different audiences in different stages of the sales lifecycle.
Once you have determined which content worked best over the past year, you can recycle and repackage it into different kinds of content to further engage your audience. There are a number of ways to recycle or repackage your content. For instance, a white paper could be turned into:

  • Blog posts
  • Webinars
  • Podcasts
  • Slideshows
  • Ebooks

Finding new ways to recycle and repackage your best content can help you accomplish your end of the year goals quickly.

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4. Get Event Lists for Emails

Email marketing may not be new and exciting, but the bottom line is it works. You have the capability to target very specific people and continue engaging these prospects and leads over long periods of time. However, you have to continue building these audiences.
While you are at an industry event, you are directly interacting with prospects and leads and building brand awareness. This is the perfect audience to engage through email marketing because they are uniquely aware of who you are and what you do. You can even leverage your relationship with this audience through the content you include in your emails.

Purchasing event lists to grow your own email marketing can help you improve lead generation and continue to show positive ROI for your event presence.

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5. Focus on Digital Channels

This late in the game, it’s important that you are targeting very specific audience segments. Digital advertising has a number of obvious advantages for companies, especially B2B. Not only can it improve the performance of a campaign by developing highly targeted audiences, but it can also be used to accomplish a number of different goals.

Since you’re looking to accomplish some quick wins, you need to focus on using digital marketing channels in your final campaigns of the season.

You can target these segments around tagged browsers, IP addresses, and even your preferred geographic location. Digital advertising gives you the opportunity to get your best content in front of the most targeted audience possible to drive the best kind of leads for your company.
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6. Use YouTube Pre-Roll

With 1 billion unique visitors to the site each month, Nielson says YouTube can reach more adults aged 18-34 than any cable network. This can be a great opportunity for you to score some quick wins before the new year.
Pre-roll, just like many other digital marketing channels, has advanced targeting options that allow you to get in front of the right audience. But the key to successful Pre-Roll advertising is creating the ads that convert prospects. Here are a few pointers:

  • Spark curiosity in the first 5 seconds of the video.
  • We recommend video ads that are 30 seconds to 1 minute.
  • Always include a call to action.
  • Make relevant, interesting ads tailored to your specific audience.

Building the right video ad can be difficult, but they can reel in the very specific, highly engaged leads you need before the end of the year.

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7. Grow Your Social Presence

Investing a little time and money into growing your social presence is a great way to end the year. Not only does it give you a great opportunity to increase lead generation through content shared on your social network, but it’s also a great investment in your continued success in the coming year. And to be honest, it’s pretty awesome if you can say you gained thousands of new social followers.
One of the best ways to grow your social presence is to run a like campaign around your Facebook page. You can target your campaign around very specific criteria and nail down your best prospects. You can target by:

  • Interests
  • Geography
  • Tagged Audiences
  • Look-Alike Audiences
  • Demographics

Building your social presence can help you achieve your goals for this year and beyond.

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8. Re-Engage Contacts That Have Not Converted Into Leads

You have been generating a lot of leads over the past year, but that doesn’t mean your job is over. Actually, you need to continue to engage your leads through the end of the year and beyond. Not every lead you have generated is fully prepared to purchase or fully closed yet. Continuing to engage these leads can help you convert a few into sales before the end of the year.
Because they have converted you know more about them. You should know things like email addresses, names, companies, positions, and possibly even have IP addresses or tagged them when they visited your site. All of these can help you target your marketing around these audiences.

You have a great opportunity to use things like email, direct mail, and highly targeted digital advertising to keep your leads engaged.

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9. Market to Unclosed Qualified Leads

It always happens. You generated high quality leads that are forwarded to sales, and for one reason or another they didn’t close on a deal. You call it a loss and head home, right?
Actually, these are still high quality leads that can be turned into sales. Remember, they engaged you and converted for a reason. They may just need a bit more convincing before they are prepared to buy. This is a perfect opportunity for you to focus your marketing around these unclosed qualified leads.
Email, direct mail, and remarketing are great ways to continue marketing directly to audiences who have converted into a lead but hasn’t purchased yet. Both can be used to continue to engage and connect with this customer until they are prepared to fully raise their hand.

Big decisions aren’t made overnight, but you can nurture leads until they are prepared to purchase.

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10. Upsell

When I worked in sales, one of the most important things I was taught was to always look for upsell opportunities. They’re always there, you just have to be a good enough to identify and promote. I wasn’t a great salesperson, but that doesn’t mean some of those lessons haven’t stuck with me.
As a marketer, you also need to be aware of upsell opportunities that can help you generate a few last minute leads for the year. Working with your sales team, who are constantly trying to upsell their current clients, can help you identify new opportunities that you may not have been aware of before. From there you can use content to educate current clients about new products and services.

Upselling current customers can help you improve your lead generation and ROI, especially when you are continuing to engage customers after the sale.

The end of the year can be a tough time for marketers. You are trying to close out campaigns, establish your final ROI, and generate those last few leads before the end of the year. But by focusing on a few quick wins, you can close out the end of the year with a bang.
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