What You Need to Know About Account-Based Marketing

the 80/20 rule

What if you could customize a comprehensive marketing strategy to target individual, high-value prospects one at a time? At first blush, this may seem highly aspirational, but if your business follows the 80/20 rule, then 80% of your profits come from 20% of your client base. This makes a more individualized approach more feasible and […]

3 Ways to Stop Wasting Good Leads

stacks and stacks of paper on office desk

The process of turning potential customers into active buyers can look pretty similar for many businesses in the B2B world. You are familiar with the process. It is the sales/conversion lifecycle or funnel: Target: Identify who you want to reach. Connect: Connect with them through your advertising on various platforms. Engage: Sort through leads and […]

Print Does Have A Place In WOM Marketing

Print and WOM

The future of audience reach is content — Relevant, relatable content that is. Attempts at reaching you as a consumer, marketer, or influencer is relentless and at times, overwhelming, isn’t it? How do you decide what to pay attention to? Many factors come into play at various times but the determining factors are familiarity (brand […]