Google Moves to Prioritize Mobile, Again

mobile marketing

Those Googlers never stop moving! The Mountain View Giants are it again, shaking up the world of search with a wave of their hands. This time, they have proceeded in their quest to prioritize mobile content in terms of ranking search pages. They have been preaching mobile-friendliness for quite some time, so this shouldn’t come […]

Equipment World Wins Folio Award

equipment world

We wanted to give a well-deserved round of applause to our colleagues at Equipment World, who in addition to launching Big Iron Dealer last week, also just won a prestigious Folio: award for their forward-thinking, groundbreaking (ground paving?) “Highways 2.0” series. They landed the honor of best B2B Series of Articles in Construction/Manufacturing. We’re proud […]

Making Your Media Count: A Conversion Case Study


[hr style=”3″ margin=”40px 0px 40px 0px”] The Challenge An important business strategy at Randall-Reilly is to ensure our media brands are providing the audiences our clients are promised. Within Randall-Reilly’s corporate marketing department, audience marketing’s goal is to help support and build those brand audiences with the editorial, sales and events staff. For Total Landscape […]

Death of a Traditional Editorial Calendar

Death Editorial Calendar

Video killed the radio star. Al Gore killed the nightly news. Errrr . . . something like that. While that may be a stretch, two things are certain. One, the internet has changed the speed at which news is consumed and, therefore, the pace required to keep up. Today’s information consumer demands instant access and […]

Banner Display Glossary for Trucking and Construction

Online Banner Targeting for Mobile Devices

Banner display is an effective tool in your digital marketing campaign. To make the most of your efforts and maximize your budget it is important to target prospects effectively and efficiently. Take advantage of the measurable tools and platforms that are available to you. Targeting correctly will allow you to find quality leads, expand your […]

What is Changing at Randall-Reilly?

Randall-Reilly Sign

You may know us as the “magazine guys.” Which is fine; we are proud of our portfolio of world class publications we produce. Our editors are award-winning, and through brands like CCJ, Equipment World, and Overdrive, we have developed loyal audiences within the trucking and construction industries. But things are changing around here. While our […]

Is print still important to the trucking industry?

Executive Reading

Often we talk about the importance of targeting your marketing, using cutting-edge platforms  and tools, getting social, and keeping up with new trends. So where does good ol’ fashioned print fit into this spectrum? Can you target niche-audiences with print? Can you track print? Does it actually affect your bottom line? We think so. . […]