Are You Prepared for Threats Against Your Market Share?

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With the state of the economy and the after effect of supply chain issues, it’s possible your company might be in danger of losing market share. But that also puts your company in an interesting position to gain market share if you know where to look. That’s why it’s so important to understand the current state of the market and have the tools to quickly and effectively analyze your opportunities and threats.

Where are you really in the market?

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If you think you know exactly where your company stands among its consumers and competitors, but you’re not paying attention to things like product launches, new companies, and external factors like seasonality or geography, then your perspective is incomplete. Now more than ever amid the coronavirus pandemic, a data-driven strategy is vital to understanding where […]

What Does Market Share Mean to You?

Market Share

Market share is a metric every business must take into consideration. Some firms will tout market share as the only means to judge success, while others ignore it completely, looking only at profit margin. Both approaches are a misuse of this valuable metric. There are a number of reasons to increase market share, but there […]