The Influence You Did Not Know You Had Over the Buyer’s Journey

Influence the Buyer's Journey

Listen to the article: [acf field=”embed_code”] Despite how much we marketers want to be a part of every step of a prospect’s purchasing process, aka the buyer’s journey, it just isn’t possible. There are too many parts you simply cannot see. How was that person or business introduced to your brand? How many times did […]

Construction Dealership 101: Using Geo-Targeting to Improve Search Performance


If you work at a construction dealership, you know that your advertising needs to be specific and tied to lead generation. There may be millions of contractors, construction firms, dealers, and OEMs across the country, but you only need to reach a small percentage of those people. Otherwise you’re wasting money. There are a lot […]

3 Ways to Build Targeted Google Display Ads for Your Commercial Vehicle Dealership

You use a lot of different tools to get in front of the right prospects at the right time. But if you aren’t using targeted advertising, you’re missing out on a great chance to generate quality leads for your sales team. Let’s talk about one of the biggest missed opportunities for commercial vehicle dealerships, advertising […]

Why is geotargeting important for trucking dealers?

dart in a bullseye

Up until a few years ago, all advertising was spray-and-pray. You put your advertisements in a bunch of magazines and trade publications that your audience read, and you hoped that you would get some engagement. Now, thanks to the internet, you can closely target your audiences to increase engagement and gather highly qualified leads. As […]

INFOGRAPHIC: 3 Reasons to Target IPs

reasons to target IPs

Until a few years ago all you could do with your online advertising was send it out and hope for the best. Today, there are many ways to hone the distribution of your online advertising (read: ‘increase ROI’), not the least among which is IP targeting. IP targeting enables you to connect with your audience […]