Relying on Sales Experience Alone? You Don’t Have To

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Experience is often the difference between finalizing a sale and losing a prospect. Salespeople have the skills to read body language, emotionally connect with leads, and entice businesses to purchase their products. Using quick-thinking sales techniques can feel rewarding, but it’s also possible your salespeople are missing out on amazing opportunities for your business by relying on experience alone. Sales technology and data helps businesses improve their numbers by uncovering the best places to focus their selling efforts and make their sales experience and skills that much more effective.

How To Use Sales Technology To Improve Your Business

Using Technology to Boost Sales

Technology and data is a powerful way for businesses to boost their sales and improve their marketing efforts. From helping you better understand your customers to placing well-targeted ads that bring them right to your website, it’s important to understand exactly how sales technology works and the ways it can benefit your business.

3 things you need to do to boost consumer engagement

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Making sure your audience feels connected to your company is vital for success, but Gallup recently reported only 31% of consumers feel engaged with B2B companies. Why should that matter to you? Successfully engaging with consumers reaps several benefits, including: 50% higher revenue/sales 33% higher likelihood of being the consumer’s first choice when doing business […]

Weathering the downturn with lessons from the Great Recession

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The coronavirus pandemic has challenged how we go about our daily lives while having a devastating impact on the economy. But we’ve been here before, financially. The Great Recession of late 2007 to early 2009 tested consumer trust and economic stability. Marketers and business owners emerged from that recession having learned some key lessons that […]

How data can grow your business during the coronavirus

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With many businesses hitting the pause button during the coronavirus pandemic, it’s more important than ever to use data to inform your marketing and sales strategies. EDA and RigDig, which provide proprietary data based on your business needs, can help you strategize in a way that will boost sales and grow client relationships.      Why do […]

Where are you really in the market?

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If you think you know exactly where your company stands among its consumers and competitors, but you’re not paying attention to things like product launches, new companies, and external factors like seasonality or geography, then your perspective is incomplete. Now more than ever amid the coronavirus pandemic, a data-driven strategy is vital to understanding where […]

Get to prospects before your competition does during the coronavirus pandemic

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Wouldn’t it be a game changer if you could predict when and what equipment your prospects were planning to buy? As the coronavirus (COVID-19) leads some prospects to reevaluate or cut back on their expenses, identifying the best prospects for your company is an important factor in future growth. To experience significant success selling equipment, […]

Stop Wasting Offline Data – VIDEO

Stop Wasting Offline Data

Whether you know it or not, you have an abundance of data about your customers. It can be a major cog in your marketing machine if you take advantage of it. I’m talking about all the bits and pieces of information you have collected referred to as offline data. So, why aren’t you using it? […]

How to Create Stand-Out Ad Creative (Part 1) – VIDEO


In today’s marketplace you are competing not only with other companies like yours, but with companies in other industries whose ads just happen to be on the same webpage as yours. To catch a potential customer’s attention you have to stand out. How exactly can you do that in such a jam packed and competitive […]

3 Ways to Use UCC Data to Find Prospects – VIDEO

3 Ways to UCC Data to Find Prospects

UCC Data is the backbone of our EDA database. But what is UCC data and more importantly, what does that mean for your sales and marketing? We’ve compiled UCC data from all 50 states, verify it for accuracy through several sources, and using experience gathered over several decades, amend the data to add useful information […]