The Best Way To Perform Target Audience Research

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Your target audience is comprised of the people who could benefit most from the products or services you sell. Because of that, it’s important to understand exactly who they are and what they look for in your business. Without a clear understanding of your target audience, your marketing and selling efforts might not be as effective as they could be. But in order to perform a thorough analysis of your audience, it’s good to know how to research them and why it’s important to do so.

3 things you need to do to boost consumer engagement

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Making sure your audience feels connected to your company is vital for success, but Gallup recently reported only 31% of consumers feel engaged with B2B companies. Why should that matter to you? Successfully engaging with consumers reaps several benefits, including: 50% higher revenue/sales 33% higher likelihood of being the consumer’s first choice when doing business […]

Finding What Works for Your Audience in Marketing

Finding What Works with Your Audience

I was at an event recently and listened to a presentation by Jay Acunzo, award-winning podcaster and keynote speaker. A video of that presentation is featured below. I thought he brought up some great points. If you don’t want to watch the video, I’ll summarize for you: He speaks on how we live in a […]

Filling the Top of Your Sales Funnel

We give a lot of consideration to connecting and engaging with your audience. Those are important steps in the Sales Lifecycle, and considered by many marketers to be the most difficult. However, if you aren’t correctly identifying and targeting your audience, you are limiting the effectiveness of your marketing. If one phase of your Sales […]

Driving Audience Growth

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[one_half] An Overdrive Case Study In 2012, we began a strategic marketing campaign to increase the audience of the Overdrive audience. In an effort to practice what we preach, we employed the same custom marketing services we offer clients, but for one of our own brands. The goal was to increase engagement, social presence and […]