4 of the Best Trucking Aftermarket Sales and Marketing Strategies

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So you’re in the trucking aftermarket, but you’re not Peterbilt. Or any other big brand name OEM. Then you know how hard it can be to compete with them. Customers constantly compare you to them and you find yourself explaining how you are different, or maybe convincing them you’re the same! 

Marketing Advice for Reaching the Trucking Aftermarket

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Two of our brands — Truck Parts & Service and Successful Dealer — cover the aftermarket truck parts industry with great depth and acumen. As a result, they’ve both developed loyal followings and engaged audiences who know the trucking aftermarket better than anyone. To gain a better understanding about our aftermarket audience, we conduct a yearly […]

Truck Sales Are Down. What’s Your Plan?

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These are tender, turbulent times. Everybody’s nervous. And why shouldn’t we be? We might be staring down the barrel of another recession. Autonomous vehicles are coming, but no one knows exactly when. Everyone’s on edge about the election, the economy, our crumbling infrastructure, and in my case, the Miami Dolphins. WHAT’S THE PLAN THERE GUYS???!!! […]

3 Ways Data Can Grow A Commercial Truck Parts & Service Business

Selling more aftermarket parts and service is all about solving a problem for the fleets and owner-operators in your area. But a pile of big picture data about common CSA violations, causes of breakdowns/downtime, or even market share for each OEM isn’t really helpful. Parts & Service distributors don’t need to know about what fleets […]