Enhancing Brand Recognition

The Problem

Our client, a transportation and fuel partner, was in need of bolstering brand recognition and awareness. They faced challenges in penetrating the market due to limited visibility and a lack of established presence among consumers. With the aim to drive app downloads, they sought assistance from Fusable to devise effective strategies that would resonate with their target audience across multiple channels.

The Solution

In response to our client’s objectives, Fusable executed a comprehensive campaign strategy leveraging programmatic audio, Facebook clicks, and YouTube video ad campaigns. By running these campaigns simultaneously, we aimed to amplify brand exposure and cultivate widespread recognition among the target audience across multiple channels.


Our efforts yielded significant success in enhancing brand recognition and awareness for our client. As a result, our client witnessed a steady improvement across campaigns, generating over 5,000 clicks per month, accompanied by upward trends in click-through rate (CTR) and a decrease in cost-per-click (CPC) metrics, aligning with our cost saving objectives.

This collective success underscored our evolving ability to identify and engage with the target audience effectively, ultimately positioning our client for sustained brand growth and success in the market.

A Further Look

We began our efforts launching the programmatic audio campaign and the Facebook clicks campaign together. The brand awareness that was created by these channels working together was significant and effective. We decided to launch the video ad campaign to add another layer of brand recognition and that created additional clicks to app downloads.

The campaigns were so effective together, generating so much traffic, that the client is now implementing new infrastructure to keep up with the demand they are receiving as a result.

Programmatic Audio Campaign

The programmatic audio campaign, initiated in October 2023 with 3,500 audio starts, experienced exponential growth, reaching 20,000 starts per month by the fourth month.

Programmatic Audio Campaign Chart
Facebook Clicks Campaign

The Facebook clicks campaign ran in tandem with the programmatic audio campaign and effectively leveraged brand messaging to drive engagement and clicks, contributing to the overall brand visibility across multiple channels.

Facebook CTR
Facebook CPC
Video Ad Campaign

We made the decision to expand our growth model for branding by introducing video campaign on top of the audio and click campaigns running. Our social media video campaign garnered significant positive reception from our target audience. In alignment with cost-saving objectives, our strategic targeting approach led to a notable increase in view-through-rate(VTR) and video views while concurrently reducing the cost per view within a month’s timeframe.

Video Ad VTR
Video Views

Whether your goals are brand recognition, lead generation, click-throughs or all of these, let our team build a campaign like this for your business.

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