Core Web Vitals: Why They Matter for Marketing

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Whether you’re working to improve your content marketing campaign or you’re trying to build a better experience for your website visitors, core web vitals are crucial to your website ranking and SEO performance. Though they’ve been around for a few years now, the Chrome dev team recently researched the success of the core web vitals and released a list of recommendations to help you improve them in 2023.

What you need to know about OTT and CTV marketing

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OTT/CTV marketing can place your non-skippable ads right in front Americans stream 8 billion hours of content per month, and 204 million U.S. viewers are predicted to watch CTV in 2022. OTT/CTV marketing can place your non-skippable ads right in front of your prospects  while they’re streaming their favorite show. Here’s what you need to […]

4 critical things your digital marketing needs

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Digital advertising accounted for 64% of ad spend in 2021, and it’s not hard to see why. Digital marketing campaigns allow marketers to more effectively target prospect with many tactics and strategies, from social media marketing used for brand awareness to digital ads meant to drive revenue. To make sure your digital marketing campaign succeeds, […]

3 reasons visual design in digital marketing is more important than you might think

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It’s easy to be intimidated by the visual design for your digital marketing campaigns, but even small design-related things can have a huge impact: ·  Ninety-four percent of first impressions are design-related ·  Using the right colors in your designs improves comprehension by 73% ·  Colored ads are also viewed 40% more than plain ads […]

How to prevent email opt-outs

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Email marketing has a 36:1 ROI, but you could be self-sabotaging if your subscribers are constantly opting out. Make sure your prospects and customers stay engaged with these four tips. 1. Send fewer emails Email marketing should be about quality, not quantity. You don’t want to spam your subscribers. It’s unlikely you have enough quality […]

4 CTA Fails that Hurt Your Marketing Strategy

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A call to action is an essential part of your marketing strategy. It improves digital marketing performance by increasing the likelihood that your prospects will convert.  It can increase engagement and revenue among customers as well. If they’re interested in something you’re offering, whether it’s a free content download or a new product, then they’ll […]

3 types of email newsletters you can use to attract customers

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Email newsletters are a popular and powerful marketing tool. In fact: ·  Email marketing has a 4,200% ROI ·  Four out of five marketers would rather give up social media marketing than email marketing ·  Thirty-one percent of B2B marketers say email newsletters are the best way to nurture leads You can get these benefits […]

3 Ways Workflow Automation Helps You Convert Leads

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In order to convert customers, you need to respond to your leads quickly, getting to them before your competitors do or before the leads reach out to your competitors. Companies who respond to leads in five minutes or less are up to 100 times more likely to convert them. It takes the average B2B sales […]

Why Programmatic Advertising is a Marketing Tactic You Need to Know

Programmatic advertising brings a whole new meaning to data-driven marketing, with the ability to expertly target your audience and automatically buy ads they will see. In fact, ninety-three percent of marketers have seen success with this strategy, making it something you want to know more about. What is programmatic advertising? In broad strokes, programmatic advertising […]

How to spot what your marketing strategy is missing

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There are countless moving parts in a marketing strategy, which means there are a lot of things you could be overlooking. If your company growth is not where you want it to be, your strategy may be missing these key marketing tactics. 1. If your ads have low engagement, you could be missing buyer personas. […]