Are You Working with a Google Partner?

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Think of how many times you’ve looked up information on a product or company using Google before making a purchase. Probably too many to count right? You’re not alone. 35% of product searches start on Google. And consider this, not only does Google dominate U.S. search engine market share, controlling 95% of the market, but they also have a stranglehold world-wide search traffic.

Worldwide Search Engine Market Share


But Google isn’t content with simply owning the market. They want to make sure that they are constantly adapting and improving services to maintain the high standard they’ve set for themselves that we have now all come to expect. That’s where it gets tricky. There have been countless changes to the search algorithms and the highly specialized offerings Google offers. So many that it has become increasingly difficult for companies to manage their search engine marketing in-house.

With so many companies looking for help Google wanted to make sure that they knew the help they were getting was actually worth it. No one wants to sink a ton of money into search marketing to find out the people you paid to help you were just as clueless as you. To alleviate this concern they introduced Google Partners.
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What is a Google Partner?

Google Partner BadgesGoogle Partners are companies recognized by Google that have passed specific Google Ads product certification exams. Seeing a partner badge also certifies that a company is up to date with all the newest offerings and capabilities offered by Google. In other words, they know their stuff and Google acknowledges them as someone you can trust when it comes to Google Ads.

Google Premier Partners are a Cut Above

As great as Google Partner status is, there is another status awarded to leading companies who meet additional requirements and certifications. These Premier Partners are usually the big boys who do a lot of business and really know their stuff.
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Fusable is a Google Premier Partner

One of the benefits of working with Fusable is that we are a Google Premier Partner. This status can assure you that you’re working with highly trained professionals with specific skills and knowledge spanning multiple Google products. What skills and products you ask?

Fusable Company Specializations

  • Search Advertising
  • Display Advertising
  • Video Advertising
  • Mobile Advertising

Individual Certifications

Individuals at Fusable have certifications in the following areas:

  • Search Advertising – 31
  • Display Advertising – 16
  • Video Advertising – 4
  • Mobile Advertising – 7
  • Shopping Advertising – 4

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The Benefits of Working with a Google Premier Partner

Premier Partner status isn’t just a fancy label that is slapped on a company with no real benefits. Premier status is regularly evaluated ensuring that you can trust anyone with the coveted Premier Partner badge. Premier Partners may also receive invites to attend exclusive Google training and have the ability to earn even more specialized certifications. Beyond that Premier Partners also receive priority treatment. Meaning if a problem or issue with an AdWords campaign ever arises, Google will address and fix the problem as quickly as possible.
Marketing has always been difficult. Throwing online options like Search and AdWords into the mix only compounds the difficulties you face. Working with a certified Google Premier Partner like Fusable can give you peace of mind that your money and efforts are being well spent.
Google certified professionals are on the job doing everything they can to help you meet your goals. If a problem ever does pop up that they can’t handle our Premier Partner status means Google will jump in to take care of it. If you need help getting more out of Google let us know, and together we will make sure that you are taking advantage of everything the search engine has to offer.
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